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How to Lace On Cloud Shoes: 5 Best Ways

On Cloud shoes are a popular choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. This footwear is designed with innovative features and advanced technology, providing runners and walkers with excellent comfort, support, and style. One of the outstanding features of On Cloud shoes is their unique lacing system, which might be challenging to navigate for both beginners and seasoned users.

Each individual has a different type of foot. So, lacing techniques are versatile since a single method can't be best for all foot types. And because On Cloud shoes are mostly cushioned running footwear, it's essential to learn techniques to lace them up properly to avoid accidents. In this guide, we show you how to lace on Cloud shoes like a pro, giving you step-by-step instructions and useful tips for getting the perfect fit.

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Methods of Lacing On Cloud Shoes

1. Diagonal lacing

Diagonal lacing

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Diagonal lacing is the best way to lace your On Cloud shoes, especially if you often get blisters from the footwear or have big toes. Also known as the double helix method, this lacing technique frees up space for your toes. It is ideal for shoes with many eyelets, such as the Cloudflow. Follow these steps:

  1. Take the diagonal route with the shoe laces.

  2. Take one end of the shoelace through the top eyelet, run it diagonally down to the shoes' bottom eyelet, and insert it into it.

  3. Thread the shoelace into the bottom hole of the opposite side, ensuring this end has a suitable length to tie your shoes.

  4. Cross the lace diagonally to the following open eyelet and thread it directly over to the opposite side.

  5. Grab the lace from the inner side and insert it into the opposite side's next eyelet.

  6. Continue lacing diagonally through the next open holes and straight across to the opposite eyelet using this shoelace end until you reach the last eyelet.

  7. In the end, fasten the laces.

2. Cross-over lacing

Cross-over lacing

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The cross-over lacing technique is slightly different from cross-lacing and is most suitable for high instep. This shoe lacing method is recommended for Cloud X shoes and for those who desire an open centre for comfortable movement while engaging in outdoor activities such as high-intensity workouts at the gym or hiking.

So, you should ensure the shoe's centre is free to enable your feet to stretch as necessary. Follow these steps:

  1. Use the crisscross method to lace the bottom two or three eyelets.

  2. Thread the right lace’s end on the same side while leaving the mid-space of two or three eyelets in the middle.

  3. Repeat the above step on the left side

  4. Continue lacing the remaining top eyelets using the crisscross method.

  5. Tie the laces as usual.

3. Skip lacing

Skip lacing

Image Source:

If you have a high mid-foot, the skip lacing technique is the best way to lace these lightweight running shoes. It is also a recommended technique to relieve discomfort, pain and injuries caused by pressing your feet tightly against the shoe. For this method:

  1. Thread shoelaces at the top eyelets of the shoes and check both ends to ensure their lengths are the same.

  2. Lace all eyelets, but skip one hole on each side. You can follow the cross-over approach and leave eyelets wherever you want to create extra space.

  3. Tie the lace ends appropriately.

4. Loop lacing

Loop lacing

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Loop lacing or heel lock lacing is an excellent technique for On Running shoes. It ensures you have a snug fit to get the desired stability for running by preventing foot shifting or slipping. The heel lock lacing technique technique also leaves enough room for foot growth. So, it is ideal for growing kids' shoes. Here are the steps: 

  1. Slip the shoelaces in the bottom eyelets from above and ensure both ends have equal length.

  2. Lace the remaining eyelets using the normal crisscross method until you reach the next to last eyelets.

  3. To create a loop on either side, hold the end of one side's lace and insert it into the last eyelet of the same side. Do this with the lace on the other side, too.

  4. Thread the end of one lace into the opposite side's loop and repeat the previous step with the other shoelace end.

  5. Insert the shoelaces in the loop a few times to secure both sides.

  6. Finally, you can tie shoelaces as you usually do.

5. Crisscross lacing

Crisscross lacing

Image Source:

We use cross lacing to lace up all kinds of footwear, which is why it's also best to lace up On Cloud shoes, as it provides a firm grip. This technique is ideal if you want snug-fitting running shoes for a training or workout program. For this method:

  1. Thread the shoelace through the bottom eyelets from the inside and check the lengths of both ends to ensure they are equal.

  2. Insert the right lace end into the second eyelet on the left side from upward.

  3. Thread the left end into the next right eyelet through the top.

  4. Continue lacing up all the remaining eyelets in the same manner until you reach the last ones.

  5. Tie your laces and make a bow as you usually do.

How to Lace On Cloud Shoes without Shoelaces Showing

How to lace On Cloud shoes without shoelaces showing

Image Source:

1. Under tongue

Under tongue is the most common and easiest method to keep your shoelaces from showing on your On Cloud shoes. Here's how:

  1. Open up the lace: Safely untie the laces from your shoes to make it easier to reinsert them in your most preferable way.

  2. Insert the lace: After removing the lace, you need to reinsert it, but you will skip the traditional way. Instead, you should place the shoelace in the eyelets from the outside and continue till the top eyelet. Remember to adjust the lace to your desired tightness. 

  3. Tugging the lace: After correctly inserting the lace, you need to tie them up. Ensure they are tight enough and won't become loose. Then, tug the knot under the shoe tongue. Tug it well to keep the lace from showing.

2. Hiding under the insole

Another simple way to keep your laces from showing is by hiding them under your shoe insoles. But this method requires your insoles to be able to detach and come up.

  1. Lace-up the shoelace: Lace up your shoes according to your desired lacing technique. Ensure every shoelace passes through the top of the eyelets.

  2. Hiding the lace: Once the lacing reaches the top eyelet, lift the insole, take both lace ends, and tug them under the insole. Place back the insole once they're secure, and you are ready to go!

How to Lace up and Tighten On Cloud Speed Laces

How to tighten On Cloud speed laces

Image Source:

Speed laces replace your footwear's shoelaces. They keep your foot snug, allowing you to set them at the precise tightness you are looking for every time instead of being a lace you tighten and knot when you put your shoe on. You can purchase speed laces for any On Cloud shoes. But many of their products, including Cloud 70 | 30, Cloud 50 | 50, Cloud Terry, Cloud Dip, and Cloud Waterproof, come with speed-lacing.

Here's how to lace up and tighten the speed laces on On Cloud shoes: 

  1. Thread the shoelace as you are used to through the eyelets from the bottom to the second last eyelet.

  2. You can add the speed lace from one side and thread using one speed lace end straight across to the opposite eyelet.

  3. Thread directly over to the opposite side.

  4. Continue lacing until you reach the second last eyelet.

  5. Fasten each lace ends in a knot.

To tighten the speed laces on On Cloud shoes;

  1. Pull the knot a bit and take it beneath the lace. Ensure to pull the knot till it's tight enough.

  2. Loop it back underneath and secure it.

  3. Then, adjust the laces to distribute the fit evenly.

How to Tie On Cloud Shoes, Tightly or Loose?

This is one of the challenging things to understand while tying your shoes. Tying your On Cloud shoe laces loose or tightly mostly depends on your feet' size, shape, and preferences. If you don't lace up the footwear properly to have a suitable fitting that is not too loose or tight, it can harm your feet.

If your On Cloud shoes are too tight, you won't be able to move your toes in them. As a result, your feet may become swollen and suffer from blisters, bruises, and other skin problems. In contrast, tying them too loose will make your foot slide uncontrollably, or your heel might slip when you're running, causing dangerous falls and knee injuries.

On Cloud shoes must have enough space to handle different foot bending and flexing motions when running. Plus, a thumbnail distance should be between the longest toe and the front of the running shoe. This allows expansion when you toe off and fold as your feet contact the ground.

Tips to Lace-up On Cloud Shoes Properly

Tips to lace-up On Cloud shoes properly

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To make your On Cloud shoes more comfortable, follow these tips for lacing them:

  • Choose a lacing style suitable for your foot type. For instance, use the loop lacing technique if your heel slips out of the shoes.

  • Purchase the correct size shoe to fit perfectly on your feet. No lacing technique will provide a comfortable fit in bigger or smaller shoes.

  • To hide the laces, make a bow inside your shoes as you usually do when you tie your shoelaces and bring it under the tongue. You can also tie a loop at the end of the shoelace and hide under the top eyelet. 

  • Use the top eyelets to crisscross the shoelaces.

  • Adjust shoelaces to ensure your heels stay in place and your shoes fit on your feet.

Final Take

Lacing up your On Cloud shoes properly is essential for performance and comfort. Whatever style of lacing you choose, always ensure you get a snug fitting, neither too tight nor too loose. Even though lacing shoes can be challenging for beginners, do not let the unique lacing system of On Cloud shoes intimidate you. Follow this detailed guide and experiment with different lacing methods to find what works best for you.

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