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Walking to Work

When commuting to work by tying up your sneakers, grabbing a backpack or briefcase, and walking out the front door, you’ll want to make sure your commuting shoes provide a couple of things:

  • Comfort

    You don’t want to end up with blisters on your toes because your shoes rubbed you wrong the whole commute! This is where comfy shoes come in.

  • Support

    When walking somewhat far distances, it’s important to have arch support in your work shoes that prevents arch and foot pain from an over-collapsing of the arch as you take each step towards work.

  • Waterproof

    The weather may not always favor your commute, and if you have to walk on busy streets and walkways to get to work, you are sure to find a few puddles! Don’t let wet socks ruin your entire day because you didn’t want to wear rubber boots for your commute. One pair of waterproof shoes is all you need!

  • Lightweight

    Ahhh... let those piggies breathe! With proper shoes, your commute doesn’t have to cause stinky, sweaty feet. Instead, show up to work fresh and ready to start your day.

Biking to Work

Suit up, grab that messenger bag, and don’t forget to wear a helmet! There are a few items to consider about your commuter shoes when your commute is a bike ride:

  • Stay on Well

    We don’t want any accidents on the way to work! So make sure your commuter shoes have a snug enough fit that they will stay on your feet well as you cycle through town. Choose work shoes perfect for the ride and the office environment.

  • Comfortable

    When pedaling a bike, there are definitely some pressure points to your feet from those pedals. So make sure you’ve got comfortable and sturdy shoes that aren’t going to cause inflamed feet or get your feet hurt during the commute.

  • Breathable

    Many consider biking to work to be a great workout for the day... which is why you’ll definitely want to consider the fact that your feet are going to get hot! Choose a shoe that will allow that warmth to escape.

Taking Mass Transit to Work

Don’t forget your lunch as you whip on your jacket and rush out the door to catch the 6:30 train you were SURE you weren’t going to miss this time. If this sounds like the kind of morning commute you face on a daily basis, be sure to consider a few things about the perfect commuting shoes:

  • Comfortable

    You may end up standing on that train or bus for a mighty long time to get where you need to go. It would be wise to consider a commuter shoe that has enough inner padding to keep the bottoms of your feet from feeling like they’ve been strapped to bricks all day.

  • Waterproof

    While you may have some shelter from the elements while riding your bus or train, getting on and off is never pleasant. Somehow the driver knows just how to place the door in front of the largest puddle in the surrounding area. Wear some waterproof sneakers, and simply don't worry about it.

  • Easy On/Off

    This one may sound trivial...but think about it for a second. If you’re in a rush to catch that bus, having just a few extra seconds to pull together everything you need can be the difference between remembering your wallet and not. Find a pair of commuting shoes that allow you to pull your shoes on quickly, and you’ll be eating lunch today!

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