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It’s hard to believe a knit fabric could be 100% waterproof, but trust us, it is. So, how are Vessi shoes waterproof?

By weaving our waterproofing technology into the knit, we’ve been able to create a totally new material that keeps your feet dry yet fresh and breezy. On top of that, we added a water-repellent layer to allow dirt, sand, or water to bead right off your Vessi shoes. From summer dew to winter slush, Vessis have got your back—or foot, depending on how you look at it.

The Outer Knit

The outer knit of a shoe should be flexible and conform to the wearer’s foot. It should be waterproof to keep the wearer’s foot from getting wet in all weather conditions and still be breathable to allow for heat to escape, keeping the feet at a comfortable temperature.

The Cushion

The cushion is between the outer knit and the sole of the shoe. It should be made of a comfortable material that does not hold onto smells.

The Sole

A lightweight sole helps keep the entire shoe light and easy to move in. Good grip on the bottom of the sole allows the wearer to walk across any surface with ease - including surfaces that may be wet. A good sole combined with a good cushion allows the wearer to be in a shoe all day and have no discomfort.

In the Details

We want you to love your shoes as the go-to choice for function and comfort, and that’s why each of these features are lovingly crafted in every style of Vessi.

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Does Vessi Stay Waterproof?

Yes, Vessi shoes stay waterproof in any weather. Our patented Dyma-tex technology ensures that no water enters your shoe while sweat and heat escape freely. This means that your feet will always remain dry and comfortable whether it's raining outside or the sun has come out to play.

What are Vessi Waterproof Shoes Made Of?

Vessi shoes are made of our patented, waterproof and breathable material called Dyma-tex. We’ve created this unique material to keep your feet dry from the inside and out. This means that sweat and heat can escape through the membrane, but water molecules cannot get in. 

The best part about the materials used to make Vessi shoes is that they are all vegan, sustainable, durable and of the highest quality. The sole on our Vessi sneakers is ultra-light to ensure that you feel comfy and confident all day. 

Can You Swim in Vessi Shoes?

Vessi shoes are 100% waterproof and prevent any water from passing through the membrane of the shoe into your foot. However, we wouldn’t advise swimming in Vessi shoes if you intend to keep your feet dry because water can still pass through the space between your leg and the Vessi shoe.

Are the Inside of Vessis Waterproof?

Unlike most waterproof shoes, our waterproof technology is directly integrated into the shoe knit to ensure that no water gets in, but sweat can get out. This means that your feet will always remain dry whether it’s raining cats and dogs, or the sun is shining like never before. 

The millions of holes in our Dyma-tex membrane ensure that sweat and heat comfortably pass through, leaving your feet fresh, dry, and comfy.

Are Vessi shoes 100% Waterproof?

Yes. Our shoes are 100% waterproof thanks to the Dyma-tex waterproofing technology that we weave into the knit. In addition to keeping your feet dry from the outside by ensuring no water molecules pass through, our breathable membrane ensures that sweat escapes leaving your feet dry and fresh.

We've also added a water-repellent layer to the Vessi sneakers to enable water, dirt, and sand to bead right off. This ensures that not only will water not be able to pass through the membrane, it will also not sit on the surface of your waterproof shoes.

Can Vessi Shoes be Worn Without Socks?

Yes, you can wear Vessi shoes without socks thanks to the comfy and breathable interior. The waterproof membrane also ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh by allowing sweat to pass through. Your feet will always remain dry and odor-free no matter the weather outside whether you're wearing socks or not.

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