How It Works

And no, it isn’t magic.

It’s hard to believe a knit fabric could be 100% waterproof, but trust us it is. By weaving our waterproofing technology into the knit, we’ve been able to create a totally new material that keeps your feet dry and climate controlled, yet fresh and breezy. On top of that, we added a water repellent layer to allow dirt, sand or water to bead right off. From summer dew to winter slush, Vessis have got your back—or foot depending on how you look at it.

Freakishly Light

Your feet won’t know what’s going on.

With the Cityscape sneakers weighing in at just 6.7 oz. Vessi's are the lightest 100% waterproof shoes in the world. THE WORLD. Crazy. The perfect pair to wear just about anywhere. Pack your Vessi's get ready to walk the world.

In the details.

Slip Free

Slip Free

Get a grip.

Herringbone grip will help you stay grounded even on the wettest days.
Stay Dry

Stay Dry

100% waterproof.

Our patented waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry all day long.
Made to Fit

Made to Fit

Feel snug.

Vessis are made to take on the shape of your foot for the perfect fit.

Let's Talk Tech.

The Sole

Ultra lightweight and bouncy, our soles with herringbone grip will keep you grounded even on the wettest days.

The Cushion

Antibacterial insoles keep things fresh, while cloud-support keeps things comfy.

The Magic Layer

Also known as Dyma-tex, our patented, 100% waterproof, breathable knit will keep your feet cozy all year long - cool in the summer and warm in the winter.