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The Best Black Friday Shoes That You Can Still Buy Today


The Best Black Friday Shoes from Vessi

Deals, deals, and more deals! Black Friday season can bring with it some of the hottest deals and sales of the year. Brands like Adidas, Nike, and Vessi just to name a few bring out the big guns so customers can shop the lowest prices of the year.

But, just because Black Friday is over doesn't mean you can't still grab those sneakers that caught your eye last November. While you might not be able to get the exact same price as a few months ago that doesn't mean you have to give up on those cool shoes you discovered.

Is the Black Friday Sale Over?

While the 2021 Black Friday Sale has ended, there are still lots of ways you can benefit from those and other great deals - even months later. If you were browsing for Black Friday shoe deals and discovered a new brand, you might want to go back to their website and look for other deals or another sale now.

While you might not get the exact same price as during Black Friday, it's still worth finding a new pair of shoes or even great accessories you love. Vessi is one of those brands that tend to sell out during Black Friday so we figured to help make sure you don't feel left out we'd show you our favourite ones.

Here's a list of the top Black Friday sneakers you can still search for today.

Best Black Friday Shoes

1. Vessi Men's and Women's Everyday Sneakers

The Everyday sneaker was one of the brand's top black Friday shoe deals last year, and for good reason. The collection has some of the best reviews on Designed to be worn daily and with a cushier sole for extra support, you'll never feel foot pain again with this pair.

They're made from vegan materials and are 100% waterproof thanks to the special knit upper that makes them light and breathable. They also come with antimicrobial insoles that mould to your feet as you wear them. These styles can also be used as running shoes since they feature an anti-odor layer built-in and can be removed and washed whenever you want.

The perfect gift for any sneaker enthusiast, they are easy to clean with just a toothbrush and some mild detergent.

2. Vessi Men's and Women's Cityscape Sneakers

This collection was also one of the brand's best Black Friday shoe deals, likely because the way it works and is constructed is very similar to the Everyday line we mentioned above. Also 100% waterproof, vegan, and lightweight the Cityscape offers the same construction with a different look. So no matter what your style is you don't have to miss out on your favourite Vessi styles.

3. Men's and Women's Weekend

While Vessi's Cityscape and Everyday collections have a sportier look, the Weekend line is designed to be even more urban. Also 100% waterproof, vegan, and with moldable antimicrobial insoles the Weekend has the difference of being machine washable. While putting them in the dryer is a big no-no you can throw them in the washing machine for a quick clean.

One fact about Vessis sneakers is that waterproof doesn't have to mean sweaty. The know is made with the brand's patented Dyma-Tex technology which allows for sweat to escape while keeping water out. So hot feet and soaked socks aren't something you have to worry about again. Plus, this collection comes in kid's sizes as well so your whole family can go out in the rain without worrying again.

4. Men's and Women's Everyday Move

Not to be confused with the brand's Everyday collection, the Everyday Move shoe was created the same care for comfort and style in mind. It has a tapered silhouette and extra cushion and support, making dressing for any weather a breeze. The best balance of form and function for women and men's shoes.

The midsoles provide all-day comfort and support and they match very well with Vessis ankle socks which were designed especially for the brand's shoe collections. The outsoles of these running shoes also have a herringbone wave structure for added traction and bigger rubber zones for enhanced abrasion resistance.

The Everyday Move sneakers is for those who want to take their activities and exploration to the next level. This style is ideal for days when you're feeling adventurous and want a sportier look with breathability, all-day comfort, and added support.

5. Vessi Men's and Women's Sunday Slippers

Vessi doesn't only offer outside sneakers, but slippers too. The Sunday line is the first time Dyma-Wool technology has ever been used. Still 100% waterproof and vegan, the wool upper is not a coating. It's directly woven into the material to offer full liquid-proof capabilities without needing to reapply anything to keep it working.

One of the line's coolest aspects is that it comes with collapsible heels. You know how when you're in a rush to get out the door sometimes you step on the heel of your shoes instead of properly pulling them on? Well, the Vessi's Sunday collection is specifically made for that, and it won't damage the shoe.

The last aspect worth mentioning is that they're also designed to be worn both inside and outside your home. So the next time you're wanting to run and grab the mail you don't need to swap shoes!

How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

1. Start Black Friday shopping as early as possible

Technically, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving but waiting until then to shop for deals is a big mistake. Instead, start your search for the best deals as early as possible. This is because Black Friday price discounts are showing up earlier and earlier as brands compete to catch your eye.

Basically, you don't have to pick between getting a head start on your holiday shopping and taking advantage of Black Friday deals. Black Friday is more of a month-long celebration than a one-day deal now-a-days.

2. Make online shopping a priority

Long lineups and crowds on Black Friday morning are becoming a thing of the past. Most retailers have the same Black Friday deals available online as they do in the store. Search for the specials on each site in advance and check for things like free delivery options and ship-to-store offers. You'll get early access to deals if you shop online, as opposed to in store, for Black Friday shoes.

3. Sign Up For Emails from Stores

We know, the idea of yet another retail email or newsletter in your inbox feels like the worse idea ever. However, knowing when the sale begins is critical to getting the best deals. One of the best ways to prepare for that is to sign up for email lists before Black Friday. Because Black Friday online sales begin earlier each year, it's critical to sign up early to maintain contact.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you may also receive a discount for your first purchase after signing up - in addition to getting the first word on discounts and promotions. Some brands might let you stack those. You can also participate in any loyalty, points, or rewards programs offered by your Black Friday shopping venues. Being a member usually comes with early access, additional savings, and free shipping privileges.

4. Be fast when it comes to hot items

Contact shops via emails, apps, and social media to ensure you get those hot-selling discounted items. Also, pay close attention to merchants' communications about holidays and Black Friday deals.

Finally, keep track of when a retailer's sale starts and have those page links pulled up online, or even things placed in your cart in advance. That way you just have to pay the moment the sale price goes live. Otherwise, you run the danger of the Black Friday shoes being sold out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to shop for shoes on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

November delivers two very exciting sales that shoppers shouldn't miss: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The fourth Friday in November is known as Black Friday, and it's consistently the largest shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday is the second-largest shopping day, falling on the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday focuses on online sales while Black Friday focuses on in-store sales mostly.

So, which day is better to shop on given that there are two days of deals? If you're looking for the coolest kicks, basketball shoes, or anything in between then shopping during Black Friday shoe deals is a good idea. You can get the size and style you want and save before they sell out. On the other hand, if you hesitate and wait until Cyber Monday, you risk not getting your size and missing out on a fantastic price.

2. Are Black Friday shoes cheaper?

In general, Black Friday deals tend to offer the lowest prices of the year. Every year brand compete to offer the best deals on things like running shoes, ankle boots, and every other type of shoes you can think of.

Black Friday shoe deals are absolutely the way to go. On top of that, it's not only shoes that are discounted during Black Friday sales. Things like clothing, accessories, electronics, and more are also offered at great prices.

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