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Best Basket for Shoes for Storage

Deciding to finally pull the trigger on those awesome shoes you've been eyeing feels really good. Maybe you'd been saving up for your first pair of 100% waterproof shoes from Vessi (no one likes soggy socks after all). Or, maybe you finally snagged those Air Jordan's you've seen everyone wearing. Either way, new shoes feel great.

With new shoes however, also come new responsibilities. Mainly finding somewhere to store them so you can keep adding to your collection. However, if you find your closet overflowing with shoes already you might have to think of another solution. One option is a shoe basket which would help with storage issues.

Why You Should Consider A Basket for Shoe Storage 

Other than helping declutter your space, a basket to store your shoes also has other benefits. According to research done in 2016 at the University of Arizona, about 421,000 units of bacteria were found on the bottom of twenty-six shoe samples they tested. They also found that in 90% of test cases, the bacteria transferred directly from the shoes onto the clean carpet or tile floor. This is why storage baskets are a great idea to place right at your home entrance, for example, so you can prevent bacteria from the outside from spreading.

Now that we understand the importance of baskets for shoe storage let's look at the best options on the market.

1. DECOMOMO Collapsible Sturdy Fabric Storage Basket

Since your storage needs can change over time, the Decomomo Collapsible Fabric Storage Basket is a great option. The baskets come in a set of three and are foldable so you can fold them flat when they're not in use. They have a neutral exterior color designed for a modern and stylish look while still maintaining a cozy feel. They are perfect storage for all types of shoes. On top of that, they come with leather handles on both sides, adding a classic touch and matching most of your home's style.

This shoe storage option is made from easy-to-clean linen material, so you will have peace of mind when using it. Plus, they're are made with decorative extra-thick cationic fabric exterior and a polyester interior lining making them very durable. They also have a reinforced upper metal supporting frame in order to maintaining excellent structural integrity.


  • Foldable and easy to hide when not in use

  • Work perfectly with different decor styles

  • Made from easy-to-clean linen material

  • Durable and stylish shoe storage solution


  • Might have issues with preventing odour accumulation


2. MINTWOOD Design Extra Large Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket

If you want an extra-large basket for your shoes, the Mintwood Design Decorative Woven Basket is probably your best choice. This shoe basket offers enough space to store your work shoes and boots while keeping your living space clean and tidy. It offers storage space, but it's also a stylish and practical alternative to other storage solutions. Its sleek shape and neutral colors will keep you organized without sacrificing looks. Plus, they go with any decor style and room: bedroom, bathroom, playroom, nursery, laundry room, and more.

The basket is handmade from high-end cotton ropes and it comes with a design that ensures there are no hard or sharp edges to stub toes or scratch floors. Because it's portable and collapsible you can use them knowing they won't take up space when you don't need them anymore. It's also made from high quality materials and has a sturdy construction. It's soft to the touch and strong enough to keep in shape as well as stand up by itself.

The Mintwood Design Decorative Woven Basket features robust and low profile handles that have reinforced stitching. This makes them very convenient and comfortable when carrying them around. In addition, the handles are collapsible, so you can easily hide them when not in use.


  • Collapsible, so you can easily store it when not in use

  • Colors go with any decor and any room

  • Stylish and keeps your living room neat and clean


  • Might not hold its shape with use


3. StorageWorks Seagrass Rectangular Wicker Storage Baskets

Seagrass Rectangular Wicker Storage Baskets by StorageWorks come in pairs and are handcrafted from 100% natural seagrass. They are versatile enough to store your favorite pair of shoes or other small items like pet toys, magazines and games. You can place them anywhere in the house, and they look particularly good in entryways. The design is a simple rectangular wicker basket that you can use for a quick fix to messy mornings.

These shoe storage baskets come with thickened built-in handles on both sides for convenient usage. In addition, they're designed with a subtle whitewashed finish that will work perfectly with different decor styles. They also come with a cozy design and have an over an iron frame from solid storage.


  • Made from natural materials

  • Features built-in handles on both sides for convenient use

  • Works perfectly with different decor styles

  • Comes in a cozy design


  •  May stain certain surfaces if placed on them for long


4. StorageWorks Trapezoid Storage Box, Closet Storage Bins

If you are looking for the best basket for shoes that you can use to store your clean shoes in the closet, the Trapezoid Shoe Storage Box by StorageWorks is a good option. These storage boxes come in a three piece set and have a trapezoid design that offers an open view for easy access to the shoes inside. So, you can see what's inside even when on the top shelf or bottom shelf. They also have sewn-in handles that allow easy movement in any direction.

These shoe basket storage options are made of high-quality materials like bamboo-style polyester canvas reinforced by heavy-duty boards. The shoe storage is also ideal for use as under-bed containers where you can access shoes, flip flops, slippers or boots when in a hurry. Additionally, these shoe storage come in different colors so you can pick ones that match your home decor.


  • Handles allow for easy movement in any direction.

  • Made of high-quality materials.

  • Work perfectly with different decor styles.

  • Come with a cozy design.


  • Some customers state the rope handles have a bad odour.


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Basket for Shoe Storage

1. Size

Before settling for the best basket for shoes, you should first consider what size you need. If you're looking for a basket that can fit shoes and boots then a large-sized option is ideal, for example. You should also consider where in your home you'll be placing it since baskets kept in a roomy closet or on the floor can take up much more space. On the other hand, baskets placed on closet shelves or in pantries should be rectangular/square and medium-sized. When it comes to baskets for desks or nightstands you should choose smaller ones since you don't want them to take up much space.

2. Design

Next is figuring out what design you're looking for. A rectangular storage basket for shoes is best for maximizing storage space, making them the perfect option for placing or stacking side by side on shelves. On the other hand, round baskets usually add some extra design appeal and make sense when placed on the floor.

Tall baskets usually look great next to a couch, while shorter ones easily fit into bathroom cabinets or slide under beds. Also, consider whether or not you want a stackable storage basket or one with a lid. Although the right option depends on your needs and preference, lidded baskets are always the best for stacking, and they protect the shoes and boots inside while keep valuable floor space open and clean.

3. Material

Another thing to consider is the material of the basket. Some materials such as plastic do best anywhere while others such as wicker might not be ideal for damp spaces like the bathroom. If you're not sure what to choose, cotton is an excellent option for most needs although it's a bit tricky to keep clean.

When considering the material you should also take into account your home's general aesthetic. For example, plastic might not be the best option if your style is more elevated and chic. A woven basket, as another example, adds warmth and character to your space.

4. How often you wear your shoes

The type of shoe organizer you decide to buy will depend on large your space is and how frequently you'll wear the shoes stored there. How often you wear them is particularly essential when looking for shoe storage. It might not make sense to tuck them away in personal storage boxes if you're going to be wearing them all the time anyway. If you prefer to get more mileage out of all your shoes, try an open storage option instead. Something like a shoe rack or shoe cubby that allows easy access. Additionally, an over-the-door shoe bag can work well for individuals who don't need their collection in plain sight.

5. The type of shoes you have

Before purchasing any shoe storage, you need to ensure you want to keep specific pairs of shoes or boots around. We recommend putting similar shoes together, like sneakers with sneakers and then sorting through every group donating any pair you don't need anymore. Doing this is essential so that you don't end up accounting for extra shoes or purchasing more storage than you need.

Tips on How to Store Your Shoes and Sneakers

1. Ensure that your shoes are kept off the floor

Many people first instinct when they think storing their shoes is chucking them on the closet floor, which isn't ideal. This makes it harder to find the shoes you're looking for when in a hurry since everything is just thrown around randomly. Also, don't forget that they will likely get beat up because of constantly moving pairs aside searching for your favourite sneakers.

2. Depending on the shoe style, don't store shoes in wire racks.

You will find that most people will think of storing their shoes in wire racks once they move past storing them on the closet floor. You can find them at any home goods store, but they generally end up being a bad idea. This is because if your shoes are delicate the stuff wire they're placed on can dent or damage the upper.

3. Sort your shoes into different categories.

First, organize your shoes into two different groups before starting to implement your shoe storage solution. To do this you can organize them into two categories:

  • Shoes that you wear every day

  • Shoes that you don't wear all the time

Once that's done then you'll have a better idea of the kind of storage you need based on the type, and quantity, of the shoes in each pile.

4. Check whether you need another separate shoe storage solution or not

If you are a shoe enthusiast, you might need a different shoe storage solution for each type. If your shoes can take more of a beating then a basket will do fine. But if they're more delicate or you want to keep them looking their best, you might want to look for individual plastic boxes for each pair instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoe Storage

1. Why should I avoid wearing shoes in the house?

As we mentioned at the start of this article, the amount of bacteria you can track into your home through your shoes is pretty high. Because it's not visible dirt it's really difficult to make sure you're properly cleaning the space, even if you think you can. On top of that, you also track in visible dirt like grass, dust, and garbage.

2. Do shoes really deteriorate in the shoe storage basket?

Shoe storage baskets aren't great if you won't be using the shoes in them on a regular basis. This is because keeping them on top of each other for months at a time without moving can cause them to peel, mold, fall apart, loose their shape, and deteriorate.

4. Is a hanging wire rack a good idea?

Hanging a wire rack on a wall can be a really smart way to make use of your space, especially if you live in a small home. Most people don't tend to use their vertical space so a wire rack can help address that. However, before you hang it make sure it's a product meant to be mounted and sturdy enough to hold the type of shoes you plan to put on it.

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