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Assistlist - Mobility Equipment



Kevin, Vancouver,BC

About Kevin:

Kevin is an Occupational Therapist who volunteers as AssistList President. 

Through his experience in healthcare where he witnesses individuals living at risk, Kevin identified the need to increase equipment accessibility and improve the quality of life of his clients. 

About AssistList:

Kevin observed that many individuals and families owned unneeded home health equipment after a loved one had passed and some wished to find the equipment a new home. There was a clear opportunity to connect these two groups and create a network of support for the community. .

AssistList bridges the gap in health and accessibility by providing a free to use online marketplace for individuals to purchase equipment at an affordable price and donate or sell equipment to those seeking it.

By increasing affordability and accessibility, we help individuals and communities stay mobile, independent, and live their best lives.

What inspired your project?

Kevin: "AssistList began as an idea in 2014 to build connections within communities and empower individuals to live their life to the fullest."

What is your message to the community? 

Kevin: "AssistList is very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Vessi to increase accessibility to home health equipment in the community.

We will be using the grant funds to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, goggles and hand hygiene products for our Community Outreach Team to safely travel into the community and form meaningful connections.

Providing volunteers with pairs of Vessi shoes will ensure that our volunteers will be able to travel and engage in educational and outreach activities comfortably, in both busy hospital settings and communities spaces.

By spreading awareness of AssistList through partnerships with government organizations, non-profit organizations, and community health services, we’re hopeful that we can inspire a more accessible, inclusive and mobile community!"

Learn more about Assist List, Instagram

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