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Atlas Adaptive Sports

Atlas Adaptive Sports

Kyle, Austin, TX

About Kyle:

Kyle is a swim coach in Austin Texas passionate about supporting the athletic expressions of those with disabilities.

About Atlas Adaptive Sports:

Atlas Adaptive Sports is a non profit sports organization for athletes with physical / intellectual disabilities, operating since January 2020.

The athletes are divided by age and types of abilities with a wide range of limitations to work around and led by coaches through practice and competitions.

What inspired your project?

Kyle: "I was originally inspired by a boy I gave private lessons to named John-Luis. His determination to become a better swimmer was amazing. I was also inspired by my friend Lindsay Grogan, who swam for the U.S. Paralympic team in Rio, in 2016 and is now a major part of Atlas Adaptive Sports."

What is your message to the community? 

Kyle: "There is no limitation that can prevent you from achieving success in life."

Learn more about Atlas Adaptive Sports, Instagram.

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