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What Does GS Mean in Shoes? All You Need to Know

When it comes to shoes, you will hear different terms and figures used to refer to sizes. One such term is the "GS" shoe size. So, what does GS mean in shoes, and how can you use it to choose the right size for your kids?

Since kids grow too fast and constantly need comfortable and adaptable pairs, like our Vessi shoes, finding the right size is vital. To solve this problem, Nike launched the "GS" acronym for their Air Jordan shoe line. GS means "Grade School" and are shoes most likely to fit a grade-schooler.

Remember, the GS size is not a specific shoe size but a range of sizes likely to fit grade school students. While GS stands for "Grade School," the shoes are not limited to grade schoolers, as adults can also wear them.

The chart below shows all the GS shoe sizes you should know about.

GS Shoe Size Chart

GS Shoe Size Chart

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Other Shoe Acronyms You Should Know About

Other shoe acronyms you should know about

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Apart from the GS acronym, there are other terms used to categorize shoes for easy identification. Here are some acronyms you need to be aware of.

  • K- Stands for "kids" shoes and are designed to be worn by kids.

  • Y- Used interchangeably for "years" or "youth" and are meant for kids of a specific age.

  • N- Stands for "narrow" and is meant for people with narrow feet.

  • W- "Wide" shoes meant for anyone with relatively wide feet compared to the standard size.

  • M- Refers to "medium" shoe size and is meant for anyone who would find the wide shoes too loose and the narrow shoes too tight.

  • R- "Regular" shoes for anyone with an average foot width and length.

  • GG- Stands for "girls grade" school size and is targeted towards girls of a grade school age.

  • BG- Similar to the "GG," "BG" stands for "boys grade" school shoes which target boys of a grade school age.

  • HC- Stands for "hard court" and is meant for shoes often used on hard and abrasive surfaces. These shoes have a more hardened sole than the average shoe sole.

  • PRM- These are shoes with more "premium" materials used on them. For instance, you can get Jordan GS shoes with more nuanced colours which would make them more premium.

  • OVO- Another Nike line formed from a collaboration with Drake's label, October's Very Own.

  • OG- Used by Jordan shoes to refer to the original releases of a specific design, which might make the OG shoes slightly costly.

  • PS- Refers to "pre-school" kids' shoe size.

Frequently Asked Questions About GS Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions About GS Shoes

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a) Are GS shoes for kids only?

GS shoes are for anyone with relatively smaller feet who need shoes with a snug fit. The GS-sized shoes are great for adults just as they are for kids with slightly larger feet, possibly outside the size range.

b) Is GS men's shoe size the same as women's?

In most cases, the foot width is different for different groups of people. This is the case with the foot length too. When sizing GS shoes, most of the time, the shoe store will provide you with children's shoe sizes you can choose from depending on the store location. UK shoe sizes differ from other countries, such as the US.

c) Is GS 7 the same as Men's 7?

GS 7 is similar in length to the Men's 7, but the size may differ as the latter is for an adult's foot. Men's shoes are wider in most cases compared to kid's shoe sizes. Still, GS sizing can work for male adults with small feet as GS size shoes have a similar length to adult size shoes.

d) What is the average shoe size for a 12-year-old?

While every child's feet are different in length, when looking at the average shoe size, we find size 7 to be the universal size for 12-year-olds. But, while there is a chart you can use to measure GS shoe sizes, you still have to go with the kid to try the shoes out extensively.

e) Do all shoe brands have grade school sizes?

The GS shoe sizing concept came with the Nike Air Jordan. But, most brands are picking up the idea. GS Nike shoes are not the standard for the GS sizes as different brands either run small or large, but the idea has spread widely across different brands.

f) How often should you replace your kids' shoes?

If your kids wear our Vessi shoes, you would not need to replace them too often as they are durable, comfortable, and made of high-quality materials. Still, since kids outgrow their attire so fast, you would need to get a new pair every six months. Still, children tend to get into numerous shenanigans, which means you must clean their sneakers regularly to ensure they last long.

g) What is the difference between the Jordan 4 and Jordan 4 GS?

The Jordan 4 GS shoes might have modifications on them to make them more comfortable for anyone who can not fit the original adult shoes. Grade school children might have the same size of feet in length but not in width, affecting the general shoe's fit.

h) Should the inner shoe dimensions be equal to my foot size?

No. The inner sole should be at least half a centimetre longer than your foot size. So, if you are a size 37, then the shoe's footbed should be a 38.

i) Can I buy GS shoes online?

Most stores sell children's shoes online. Still, buying shoes for grade school kids is best done physically, as getting the correctly sized GS pair is a bit of a task. Luckily, our stores at Vessi have a great return policy on their shoes.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

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GS in shoes stands for "grade school" but is not limited to grade schoolers only. Regardless of the size you wear, comfort and reliability matter most, which is why you should always have Vessi shoes on. Our shoes guarantee that all else is taken care of in a way no other brand in the shoe industry can.

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