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The Best Shoes For Standing All Day On Concrete Floors


comfortable shoes for standing

Searching for comfortable shoes for standing for the better part of your day can be quite the task. Though looking stylish may be important, when it comes to shoes, comfort takes precedence. There's nothing worse than coming back from work, and your feet and body are in pain because you spent the whole day in uncomfortable shoes.

Standing all day can cause a lot of stress and pressure on your feet hence comfortable shoes are essential. The best shoes contain outsoles with slip-resistant, insoles with cushioning, breathable (keeping your feet dry), and provide arch support which can help alleviate conditions like plantar fasciitis. We created a list of 5 of the best shoes in the market and a guide that outlines what to consider when looking for the best shoes that provide comfort when standing all day.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

1. Vessi Everyday Sneakers

Men's Everyday Sneakers

Women's Everyday Sneakers

Vessi Everyday Sneakers top our list as the best shoes for standing throughout the day. They are designed to ensure that your feet remain comfortable as you go about your day. The sneakers feature a comfy and bouncy sole that provides extra arch support for your feet.

It has a herringbone grip which provides stability and keeps you grounded even during wet days. The best part about the sneakers is that they are waterproof. They are designed using Dyma-tex, which is the company's patented 100% waterproof breathable unit. Hence, you can be sure that not only will your feet remain comfortable, but you don't have to worry anytime you come across water, mud, or even when it's snowing.

The Vessi sneakers feature antibacterial insoles that ensure to keep your feet fresh and comfortable. With these sneakers, you can be sure you'll not only be comfortable for long hours but be looking great as you do.


  • 100% Waterproof sneakers
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable Made - 100% Vegan
  • Comfortable shoes for standing for long hours
  • Antibacterial sole that keeps your feet fresh
  • Provides extra arch support


  • Shipping is limited to certain countries


2. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Men's Road Running Shoes

Women's Road Running Shoes

The Brooks brand is known for its quality running shoes; hence these running shoes are no exception. The Brooks 13 are designed for comfort when you're running; however, their versatility is even better. The shoes feature BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning, which work together to provide cushioning for your underfoot regardless of how it lands.

The Brooks 13 features a newly Engineered Air Mesh upper that hugs your foot and ensures a secure but breathable fit. Lastly, the Brooks 13 shoes include a Segmented Crash Pad, an integrated system of shock absorbers that cushion every step and stride to ensure smooth heel-to-toe transitions.


  • Comfortable for standing all-day
  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • Offers support for medium and high arches
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned insole with shock absorber


  • Compared to other brands, Brooks 13 is a little heavier


3. Vessi CityScape Sneakers

Men's CityScape Sneakers

Women's CityScape Sneakers

Vessi CityScape Sneakers are designed to be a staple piece in your wardrobe. They come in charcoal grey or storm black, which are great and neutral colors for the office but ultra-versatile if you want to switch it up and head out for an after-work activity.

They are also not limited to city life as they can be used for sports activities like hiking etc. The sneakers are designed to provide all-day comfort; hence, they feature moulded insoles that contour to your feet' shape. Not only do the sneakers ensure comfort throughout the day, but they are also waterproof.

Vessi Sneakers are designed with their patented 100% waterproof, breathable unit that ensures your feet remain comfortable and protected from all the elements. Whether you're walking or standing, the sneakers feature a lightweight sole with the signature Vessi wave grip that ensures you remain stable regardless of the weather. Lastly, no one likes smelly feet, especially after a long day, and that's Vessi Sneakers are designed with a built-in anti-odor layer unit that can easily be removed and washed.


  • 100% Waterproof sneakers
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Comfortable for walking/ standing
  • Sustainable Made - 100% Vegan
  • Anti-odor unit
  • Super Versatile ( Not limited to city life)



  • Laces can dig in when tight
  • Shipping is limited to certain countries
  • Don't have extra arch support


4. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Women's Addiction Walker

Men's Addiction Walker - Suede

The Brooks addiction Walker walking shoes are an ideal support for when you need to be on your feet all day. The running shoes are made from full-grain leather upper hence making them durable and comfortable. They feature BioMoGo DNA, the Brooks Brand proprietary cushioning, and it adapts to your weight, speed, and stride. Brooks Addiction Walker shoes feature Brooks Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), a system that supports the entire body.

It is designed to offer strategic arch support thus guiding and keeping your body in its natural motion path. Lastly, Brooks Addiction shoes include an innovative outsole that has been certified (ASTM F489-96) for slip resistance.


  • Made from full-grain leather upper
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Casual walking shoe
  • Provides good support
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Provides support for flat feet and medium arches



  • Doesn't have a good grip on wet surfaces
  • Not stylish


5. Skechers Men's Verdict Boot

Men's Verdict Boot

The Skechers Men's Verdict Boot is an excellent choice if you're looking for work shoes that will provide all-day comfort and can also withstand your work conditions. These are better suited for work conditions such as building and construction, farming, etc. However, what makes these sketchers work shoes even better is how versatile they are.

They can also come in handy as hiking shoes. The shoes are made from waterproof leather and have a seam-sealed waterproof midsole design. The Skechers shoes have a rugged rubber outsole with a good tread design that ensures support while walking on different terrains or standing all day.

The work shoes feature a padded collar and tongue, which provide protection and strength for your instep. The cushioned insole is made from Air Cooled Memory Foam hence providing extra comfort. Lastly, the Sketchers boot is lined with a smooth fabric that provides comfort to your feet.


  • Made from leather
  • Strong and sturdy work boots
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Cushioned insole made from Air cooled memory foam
  • Rubber outsole


  • Not 100% waterproof

What To Consider When Buying Shoes For Standing All Day

a) Comfort

Comfort is key when looking for shoes that you'll be standing in all day. It's important to pay attention to the outsole and ensure that it provides full contact with the ground so your body weight and standing pressure can be evenly distributed. When standing for long periods, anything, even outsole lugs, can eventually be a source of discomfort.

The midsole should also be well-cushioned to provide comfort, and at this point, you can even consider buying a pair of breathable and supportive insoles. It's also key to ensure that you take care of both the forefoot and heel and ensure that they have sufficient cushioning to support the constant weight shot from heel to ball. This is especially crucial if your routine involves activities that are likely to be or are very repetitive in nature.

Though the style may matter, what really counts is the support the shoe provides. Ideally, you want a work shoe that provides comfort when you're standing all day. The upper part of your shoe should provide enough wriggle room such that your foot can move around during the day.

The worst thing is to buy shoes where your toes are all crammed in especially considering you'll be wearing this work shoe for a full eight to nine hours. Something else to consider is the width of the shoes. Suppose it's too narrow or too wide; this can lead to extra movement in the shoes. Consequently, you might end up getting blisters and other side effects.

b) Design

This is dependent on the industry you work in, as certain places may have their own dress codes and colors. If your workplace setting is more formal in a more formal setting, such as the front office of a hospitality role, you're more likely to be limited to all black fully covered leather upper work shoes.

You may also need to invest in non-marking soles. It's important to understand your industry's dress code requirements and find a way to tailor them to suit your own style. Basically, finding a work shoe that meets the best of both worlds. Remember, it should keep your feet comfortable because you might be walking or standing all day after all.

c) Breathability

You not only want comfortable shoes but breathable ones as well. There's nothing more irritating than when you remove your shoes, and your feet are either smelly or sweaty. That's why breathable shoes are essential.

If your shoes are not breathable, the air cannot circulate; hence the moisture builds up. Some of the features to look out for are mesh uppers when it comes to breathability. The best shoes will ensure to keep your feet well ventilated and cool hence providing all-day comfort.

d) Arch Support

Your arches play a crucial role in determining the type of shoes you will wear. Those with flat feet need a different type of support compared to those with high arches. Hence it's important to know whether the shoe you're buying is designed to support your arch type. Ideally, it's key to know your arch type, as this will save you from a lot of pain and discomfort.

Arch support is essential as it can absorb shock, help alleviate pains from complications such as plantar fasciitis and fallen arches, and control and correct overpronation. When considering, you ideally want your arch support to be stretchy and supportive.

Mesh and leather are usually the most commonly used materials used when constructing shoe arches. If you find great shoes, but they come with generic flat insoles, you can consider replacing them with orthopedic insoles.

e) The Flexibility, Traction & Shock Absorption of the Outsole

When you're standing all day, the flexibility of your shoes is crucial. It allows your sho to act as one with your feet. Essentially, good flexibility will reduce hot spots in the shoe hence promising your feet all-around comfort.

The traction of a shoe is essential when considering the type of floor you'll be standing on all day. The outsole of your shoe should have a good grip to handle all the various surfaces you may stand or walk on as you go about your day.

It's best to consider a shoe with a slip-resistant sole though this is dependent on the situation. For instance, if you work in the restaurant industry, slip-resistant soles are key as they are comfortable and safe on your feet.

Your shoe should have sufficient shock absorption that can withstand the impact of walking and standing without sending any of the energy back to your body. Without the right amount, you can experience pain in your muscles and joints and eventually cause long-lasting effects on your body.

f) The Cushioning of the Insole

Considering you'll be on your feet for a significant period of time, the shoe's insole should be soft and cushioning. It should provide comfort and absorb shock but not be too soft. An insole with too much cushioning can potentially change someone's balance and how they walk.

One way to test if an insole is comfortable is to see if it's removable. A removable insole is highly likely going to be flat. If you plan on adding an orthopaedic insole to your shoe, having a removable insole is ideal as there will be room for the orthopaedic one. However, if that's not your plan, steer clear from such shoes as they are not usually built with any arch support.

g) Lightweight Shoes

When you stand all day, it's a given that your feet will be fatigued at the end of the day. When looking for comfortable shoes for standing on your all day, it's essential to look for a lightweight pair. This allows you to walk without feeling like there are weights on your feet.

Lightweight, however, does not men not protective or durable. In fact, the best shoes tend to be lightweight and durable. There are other shoes for more laborious industries containing steel toe caps, making them sturdy while remaining lightweight.

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