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The Best Alternatives to Timberland Work Shoes You Can Shop For Right Now

Best Alternatives to Timberland Work Shoes To Shop Now

Work shoes need to be comfortable, durable, grippy and stylish. All features you can get from Timberland work shoes. While they are designed to suit different work environments they can be a little too bulky for some people. So, if you are looking to shop for an alternative option when it comes to lightweight work shoes, you'll want to keep reading.

Which Are the Best Work Shoes?

Work shoes are designed to keep you both comfortable and safety in the workplace. Unlike fashion shoes, they have specific features (like design, material, durability, and support) that prevent feet injuries while you're busy working.

Timberland makes some of the best work shoes you can find. They specialize in designs made for physically demanding work environments. This is why they're a great option when it's time to shop for shoes and work boots that will survive a warehouse, farm, manufacturing plant, and even hospital jobs.


  • They are available in different designs

  • Fits true-to-size for both men and women versions

  • The soles feature steel penetration-resistant inserts to protect the underfoot

  • They have durable toe caps to protect your toes and foot from impact

  • Anti-fatigue technology to provide a firm foot bed while remaining comfortable to stand on for long periods

  • Designed with grippy outsoles that keep you grounded on different slippery surfaces

  • They meet different ASTM safety levels

  • They feature water-repellent and breathable uppers


  • Heavy and appear bulky on your feet

  • They are not 100% waterproof

Best Alternative to Timberland Work Shoes: Vessi Sneakers

Now, while Timberland Pro shoes are ideal for different work environments, they tend to be quite bulky and heavy. This means they're not really suitable for non-work environments. So you end up having to buy several different pairs of shoes for each type of activity. Vessi is one brand you can turn to for lightweight, everyday, and work-approved sneakers - all in one handy pair. Vessi sneakers are designed with comfort, durability, and traction in mind. Plus, they're stylish as well.

The best part about Vessi shoes however, is that they're 100% waterproof. This is not a feature you're likely to find with Timberland shoes. Vessi uppers are made from a special knit mesh using the company's patented Dyma-Tex technology. It makes each and every pair perfect for snow, rain, mud, and sand. They're basically all-weather!

Worried about breathability? No need! Dyma-Tex was created to still allow enough air circulation, thus allowing for sweat to evaporate.

Want to learn more about Vessi? Below we're sharing the top collections they carry.

1. Vessi Everyday Sneakers

For men

For women

For a work shoe, this Everyday Sneaker pair scores points for being waterproof and lightweight. If you also stand for long periods, these shoes will offer the needed support and traction for comfort. The insoles are also removable, so if you find the specific type of support doesn't work for your foot shape you can always swap them out.

The soles are made of rubber which offers cloud-like cushioning so you can stand or walk for long periods without fatigue. They're ideal for office or hospital environments where support and cushioning are imperative features to look for in a shoe.

Coming in different sizes and colors, it's one of the best lightweight Timberland work shoe alternatives.


  • Lightweight alternatives to Timberland work shoes

  • 100% waterproof

  • Cloud-like sole cushioning for maximum comfort

  • Herringbone grip for the best traction, even on slippery surfaces

  • Available for men and women

  • Available in different colors and sizes

  • Breathable upper fabric to keep your feet fresh


  • Upper is not ideal for industrial work environments

2. Vessi Everyday Move

Men's Everyday Move 

Women's Everyday move

Similar to the Everyday collection we mentioned above, the Everyday Move line will give you that same cloud-like comfort thanks to the soft and comfortable sock-like uppers. Now, if you work as a nurse, in the food industry, as a teacher, or in any environment that involves walking a lot you'll definitely want to check these out when you shop around.

When you walk a lot, the result is often fatigue and sweating. Both of these things are something Vessi shoes can mitigate thanks to being 100% waterproof and super comfortable. With the Dyma-tex technology the shoes repel water from the outside but leave tiny pores where air molecules penetrate to enhance airflow for breathability. So, even if you usually sweat, these shoes are designed to keep the discomfort and odor away.

When looking for a comfortable work shoe that you'll be walking a lot in, these sneakers aid your comfort with soft but firm midsoles. They're thick enough to offer cloud-like support underneath your feet as well as excellent energy return for each stride. These sneakers also come with rubber soles designed with a herringbone grip for traction on many surfaces, and a lace-up design with pull tabs at the back for easy wearing.


  • Lightweight

  • 100% waterproof upper, great for outdoor work

  • Cloud-like support

  • Midsole offers excellent energy return

  • Rubber outsoles in a herringbone pattern are ideal for grip and traction

  • True to size

  • Available in different colors

  • Made with vegan materials


  • No toe cap design, meaning they are not ideal for extreme working environments

3. Vessi Cityscape Sneakers

Men's Cityscape sneakers

Women's Cityscape sneakers

When you need to walk long distances to work (or even at work) the shoes you choose should be suited for that specific task. These Vessi Cityscape sneakers are the best Timberland alternatives for this function. To start off they are designed with the company's 100% waterproof upper. It makes them great for outdoor wet conditions. And, what's better than getting to jump over puddles on your way to work instead of trying to avoid them?

On top of that, the slip-on design is matched with a sock-like fit with a stretchy ankle collar that will prevent rain, snow, mud, and sand from getting in. The sneakers also feature stylish laces you can use to improve the fit for the best comfort possible.


  • Waterproof and breathable

  • Best shoes to wear on your way to and from work

  • Very lightweight

  • Available in different colors and sizes

  • Made with vegan materials

  • Outsole designed to offer additional grip

  • Antibacterial insoles to prevent odours


  • Not ideal for industrial work environments

5. Vessi Weekend Sneakers

Men's Weekend sneakers

Women's Weekend Sneakers

If you love wearing sneakers with your casual outfits then these might be the shoes for you. Compared to Timberland work shoes, these Vessi sneakers offer the same work-like design while still giving a more stylish look.

In true Vessi fashion the brand did not compromise on quality when it comes to this collection. They still offer their famous breathable fabric, only this time it was strategically placed in order to create even more breathable sections. The Weekend collection is also the design with the most traction thanks to its sole made with extra rubber. They fit true to size and are incredibly easy to slip on and off. Having troubles with them? Just use the handy pull tab on the back.

Last, but certainly not least, the Weekend collection is the only machine washable line that Vessi offers. Just be sure to air dry them and not put them in the drier to make sure they stay looking fresh.


  • Made with a breathable and waterproof upper

  • Thick soles for comfort and safety

  • True-to-size

  • Machine washable

  • Available in different colors for men and women


  • Can only be air dried

What Makes Vessi Shoes the Best Timberland Alternatives for Work?

Timberland as a brand is famous for its iconic and sturdy shoe designs. They have work boots, sneakers, oxfords, slip-ons, and many more designs to keep you comfortable and safe at work. Unfortunately, their shoes are bulky and may not always match the style expectations you have. So, if you need lightweight sneakers you can wear to work, Vessi is an excellent alternative.

Read on to see a round up of the features that make the Vessi shoes so good.

  1. 100% Waterproof. Vessi shoes are waterproof not because of a spray or harsh chemicals, but thanks to the patented knit membrane used to construct the upper. Contrary to what you'd expect, these uppers remain breathable while keeping water, snow and other elements away. The best part however, is the stretchy ankle collar. Because it hugs your ankle area it will help prevent anything from entering your shoe, even if you're standing in water.

  2. A perfect fit. Most of Vessi collections tend to fit true to size. While some people might be the exception to that rule, you're still sure to find a size that works for you. The Everyday and Cityscape lines all have a sock-like fit while the Weekend line is perfect if you prefer a looser fit.

  3. Non-slip soles. When working in a warehouse, kitchen, or construction (just to name a few) it's common to encounter unexpected spills that can lead to serious accidents. Slipping might be a normal part of your work day, especially if you haven't picked the right shoes for your job. Vessi shoes have anti-slip and treaded outsoles that provide enough grip to help you out on slippery surfaces. That said, always be careful on potentially unstable surfaces!

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Next Work Shoes

You'll need to focus on different features depending on the type of work, and the environment, you need them for. Someone working in an office won't have the same needs as someone working in a hospital or restaurant.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you start to shop around for your next work shoes.

a) Function and design

Before buying any work shoes, it would help to consider where you work. When you work in construction and other physically demanding environments, your best work shoes need to be ASTM compliant. This means that the design, especially the toe box and sole, should be able to protect you from possible injuries and impact.

For less dangerous environments like an office, retail store, school or more sneakers such as the Vessi shoes we mentioned above would be an excellent option.

b) Comfort

Before you shop for new work shoes, make sure it supports your feet in all the right places. The midsole should also be soft but firm, while the upper should have comfort features such as padding or ankle hugging collars and padded tongues.

All good work shoes need to fit you perfectly. In some instances, you need to consider when to wear them with socks and how much they would affect your stability. As you shop for new work shoes, ensure the shoes run true-to-size - especially wide sizes when you need them.

c) Durability

Before you shop for a new pair make sure to check out the materials used to make them. For example, the upper and sole should be something you specifically pay attention to since it's a good indicator of durability and quality. Check to see if other customers have mentioned that the shoes last long, what the brand's warranty policy is, and their return policy as well. All of these things will give you a well rounded idea of the type of durability you can expect in your new shoes.

d) Grip

Any work environment, no matter where that is, will suffer some type of spill once in a while. Some jobs are more likely to have to deal with wet or slippery floors on the regular, so grip is particularly important. Whether caused by human error (a patient spilling something) or nature (the playground flooded after heavy rain) your shoes need to have enough traction to prevent falls and injuries. All Vessi shoes have excellent tread patterns that grip on many surfaces. If you need bulkier work shoes like Timberlands, it'd be best to look for deeper lugs that can grip outdoor surfaces.

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