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The 5 Best Winter Sneakers for Men and Women in 2023

The 5 best winter waterproof sneakers

If you love wearing sneakers all year, you need not stress when winter comes, and the weather becomes frightful. You can now get a good pair of winter sneakers and continue your day-to-day activities in lightweight and warm shoes.

This article will review some of the best shoes you can get, some of them waterproof and others perfectly built to keep you warm and comfortable even during snowstorms. If you wonder what type of sneaker you can walk in, hike in, run in, or pair with your winter outfit, this article will help you make the best decision.

1. Everyday Classic Sneakers. Rating 4.7/5



User Reviews

These Vessi sneakers guarantee comfort and warmth in all weather. They feature an upper made with the brand's patented waterproof fabric called Dyma-tex®. This knit material is layered on the shoes to prevent water soaking when you walk on wet terrain while still allowing your feet to breathe.

The Everyday Classic sneakers are made with superior vegan materials and are available in different colors. While these shoes aren't the ideal winter running shoe, they're still great for cold and wet weather. The shoe lacks a tongue or other upper parts for lightweight and minimalist features.

Vessi Everyday Sneakers

The shoe also comes with removable anti-bacterial insoles for extra cushioning and support. The outsole is made with rubber and features herringbone tread for extra grip. Overall, these shoes are lightweight and bouncy and come with features that make it ideal for cold winter season.


  • 100% waterproof

  • Ideal for winter and cold seasons

  • Light and supportive

  • Removable insoles

  • Lightweight and bouncy outsoles for maximum comfort


  • No half sizes

2. Cityscape Sneaker. Rating 4.7/5



The Cityscape is Vessis's first ever waterproof sneaker. It was designed for city dwellers living in rainy and wet cities. The shoes are good at keeping your feet dry by repelling water without the need for harsh chemicals or reapplying sprays. The knit is also breathable and allows sweat to leave your feet, helping you avoid having hot or soaked socks.

User Reviews

They are also excellent shoes for exploring outdoor wet environments as they are comfortable and useful. These lightweight and well-cushioned shoes are more low-profile, with a distinctive style. They also go with any outfit perfect for work or play.

Charcoal Grey

The anti-bacterial removable insoles keep your feet fresh all day, while the breathable knit keeps your feet comfortable in summer and winter. The well-cushioned soles mold onto your feet for maximum comfort. Plus, they are also removable for easy cleaning.


  • 100% waterproof and lightweight

  • Breathable and vegan knit

  • Cushioned and anti-bacterial removable insoles


  • No half sizes

3. Weekend Sneakers. Rating 4.8/5




Vessi Weekend Wear Sneakers

Waterproofing is an excellent feature for winter shoes if you want to keep your feet warm and dry. These Weekend Sneakers from Vessi are one of the best, not only because they are waterproof but also because they are stylish and lightweight.

User Reviews

The shoes' upper and tongue are made with a water-resistant patented knit. While it will not let water through, this fabric is still breathable enough to keep your feet cool. The upper is fitted with laces to keep the shoe on in all weather conditions. The heel counter is made with faux leather material for adequate support, while the toe box is designed to fit most feet.

Vessi Weekend Wear Sneakers

Designed to be waterproof and comfortable for a lifetime, the Weekend Sneaker features a thick midsole for added comfort and support. The insoles are also soft to support your feet regardless of your pronation. The outsoles of these shoes are sturdy, with ideal treads to offer you a good grip even in snow and wet weather conditions.

The stylish shoes are machine washable. Vessi recommends removing the insoles and laces and running them on cold water to clean them. Once the cycle is complete, you should let them air dry.

Plus, these shoes come in children's sizes as well so the whole family can match.

Vessi Weekend Wear Sneakers


  • Machine-washable shoes.

  • Treaded outsole for maximum grip.

  • Comfortable and lightweight middle and outer sole.

  • 100% waterproof sneakers for warmth and comfort.

  • Made with a patented fabric that is lightweight and breathable.


  • Can not be machine dried.

4. Everyday Move Sneakers. Rating 4.8/5



The Everyday Move Sneakers offers optimum comfort, exceptional ventilation, and five distinct color variations. This is the perfect shoe for those days when you need increased breathability, all-day comfort, and added support.

User Reviews

These are an all-weather shoe that is waterproof and guaranteed to keep your feet and socks fully dry. The breathable knit allows heat and sweat to escape leaving your feet dry and comfortable while you explore, move, and travel during summer.

Onyx Black

The Everyday Move midsoles provide all-day comfort and support while also being ultra-lightweight. The outsoles feature a herringbone wave structure for added traction and bigger rubber zones for enhanced abrasion resistance.


  • 100% waterproof and vegan.

  • Available in different colors and sizes.

  • Outsoles have extra traction for stability.

  • Well-cushioned midsoles for extra support.

  • Pull tabs for easy on and off.


  • Not available in a wide fit.

  • No half sizes.

5. Weekend Chelsea Boots. Rating 4.9/5




Vessi Weekend Chelsea

The Vessi Weekend Chelsea Boots combine the versatility of a Chelsea boot with the range of motion and ultimate comfort of a sneaker. They feature a 4-way stretchy fabric and an ultra-light, high traction rubber sole perfect for the cold weather.

User Reviews

A waterproof, vegan knit Dyma-tex® technology that is directly integrated into the knit offers nano-sized pores that are too small for water molecules to flow through. Thanks to the vegan leather pull-tabs, you can slip into the Weekend Chelseas easily and conveniently.

Vessi Weekend Chelsea

Say goodbye to those stiff rain boots as the flexible knit hugs your feet in the right places. This is exactly what you need to move freely and comfortably on rainy or snowy winter days. These Chelsea winter boots are ready for adventures in the rain, snow, or sunlight!

Vessi Weekend Chelsea


  • Lightweight and vegan

  • 100% waterproof and flexible

  • High-traction rubber soles

  • Designed to withstand all weather conditions

  • Pull-tabs make the boots simple to put on and take off


  • No half sizes

  • Can not be machine washed

Factors You Can Consider When Looking for Your Best Winter Sneakers

When buying winter shoes, these are the features you always need to pay attention to;

  1. Warmth
  2. Comfort
  3. Outsole grip
  4. Waterproofing
  5. Fastening
  6. Price

a) Warmth

The winter season is the coldest of the year, and thus, you need to be winter-ready with several warm pairs of shoes. Your body loses heat through the head, hands, and feet, making it all the mere important to carefully consider the shoes.

When looking for sneakers, you should look at the materials that make the shoe uppers and midsole, as these are the two parts of a shoe that preserve or lose heat. The uppers made with leather, suede, or canvas are generally warmer than those made with mesh material.

While mesh is a good material, it is highly breathable, letting in more cold. If you want a shoe made with mesh, it will help more to go for one with many overlay designs or one you can easily wear with socks.

b) Comfort

During the coldest season, you need a shoe with enough cushioning and one that fits perfectly. When in the market for new sneakers, look out for more cushioning around the ankle collar, in the insole, and midsole.

Ensure the midsole is made with soft materials such as rubber or foam as they will be softer and more flexible to contour to the shape of your foot.

Sneakers that feature overlays in the mid-section that extend to support the shoelaces tend to hold your foot better to make the shoe feel lightweight.

c) Outsole grip

While winter is the coldest season, it can also be accompanied by wet weather conditions such as snowing and ice. Thus, it is vital to get a shoe that features a treaded grip on the outsole for more traction to ground you better, preventing slips and falls.

You can look for outsoles with deep flex grooves, deep treads, and made with rubber as it is an anti-slip material for sneakers.

d) Waterproofing

The best winter shoes can be water-repellent, making materials such as leather or Vessi's patented Dyma-tex material. While not all winter sneakers will repel water, it can help to pick a shoe that does not soak immediately you step on a wet surface.

When buying sneakers, you can buy those with mesh uppers, but that also feature overlay patterns over the mess to prevent getting wet.

e) Fastening

When you want to keep warm during winter, it would be best to wear well-fitting and fastened shoes. In the search for sneakers, you can opt for any design that comes with laces or zippers, as these guarantee to stay put for the duration you wear them.

f) Price

Your budget can dictate how good of a shoe you will can purchase. However, when buying sneakers, you can easily afford a good pair of shoes from brands like Vessi, Nike, Adidas, Converse, and more without breaking the bank.


It is no longer a good reason to store away your favorite sneakers in winter because you can't wear them. Companies like Vessi have made sure you can now enjoy rocking your sneakers all year long by making winterized shoes.

If you are looking for your best winter sneakers, those shared in this article can be great additions to your winter wardrobe. You can buy them for work, hiking, running, or more activities and stay warm and comfortable even in inclement weather.

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