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Pacific Ocean View Hotel Community Relief

Community Fund Grant Recipient: In Support of the Pacific Ocean View Hotel Community

Community Fund Grant Recipient Terry at Machu Picchu

Terry, Richmond, BC 

About Terry and the Pacific Ocean View Hotel Community Relief:

Terry is based in Richmond BC and manages a restaurant in Prince Rupert. The Pacific Ocean View Hotel is a 100 year old building in which local tenants have lived for many, many years. A fire recently caused damage to the restaurant side and flooded the entire facility.  Tenants had to abandon their belongings and relocate while staff members needed a temporary leave of absence. 

The Community Fund grant will go right back into the community through a rent subsidy program for the tenants and a free food initiative, which Terry hopes will become a yearly tradition. 

What was your inspiration behind the project?

Terry: "Our inspiration goes to our resident Chef who has been affected by the fire. He goes by Burt and he is one of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. Legend has it he once served 85 orders of Fish N Chips by himself on a single dinner shift."

What is your message to the community? 

Terry: "We hope our action inspires others to give back within their means. The act of giving is a seed. Even if you do not have much to give, that is okay. Something as simple as asking how a stranger's day was is what will spread and cultivate positivity in our community."

Learn more about Terry.

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