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Fragmental: Custom Cards for Domestic Violence Survivors

Vessi Community Fund Recipient Brick Wall

Tojo, USA 

About Tojo:

Tojo is a magician with decks of cards as a specialty. Together with schoolmates, Tojo raised money for lymphoma and was inspired to lead his own project in support of domestic violence survivors. 

About Fragmental:

Fragmental is a deck of custom designed cards created for use by magicians.  The card designs contain visuals of hope and love. Tojo plans to sell the decks with proceeds in support of domestic violence survivors.

Checkout Fragmental Kickstarter Project

What was your inspiration behind the project?

Tojo: " I'm an aspiring magician who loves just seeing the glow in people’s eyes when they're amazed by a well-performed trick. I'm particularly attached to decks of cards because playing card tricks is something that helped me through all my highs and lows. 

I was also inspired by my experience raising funds for lymphoma, and wanted to start my own project. 

What is your message to the community? 

Tojo: "I would just like to say that it only takes so little to make a difference in the world. The tall goals that stand in front might not be as daunting with a little change of perspective.

If you're uncertain about the future, I hope you show gratitude to the people who are there during your low times. Pain is tough to deal with alone so learn to ask for help if you need it.


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