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Most Comfortable Slippers to Walk Around At Home With


Most comfortable slippers

Having the most comfortable slippers you can find on hand at home can change the lazy day game. You want to be able to chill and relax when you're at home without worrying about your feet. By allowing them to breathe while staying snug, you'll feel the difference and effect on your health and overall mood.

Your feet should always be comfortable and protected. Just as you wear comfortable and durable shoes when you're outdoors, so should you wear comfy slippers while indoors.

Today we'll look at the most comfortable slippers on the market today so you can see what your options are before you buy your next pair.

Why Should You Wear Slippers?

Slippers are a great way to protect your feet while you're at home. A great pair of slippers will protect your feet from the cold, help with potential foot pain, ease discomfort, and more.

But, what makes slippers so convenient? It's the fact that you can easily slip them on and off. No struggling with laces or worrying if they'll fit.

Which Are the Most Comfortable Slippers?

1. RockDove Men's Memory Foam Slippers

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who can't resist being active at home, even on your off days? Then these memory foam slippers are for you. Thanks to their durable construction and indoor-outdoor sole these RockDove men's slippers can be worn indoors and outdoors. They're perfect for you to walk from the living room to the mailbox and backyard without changing shoes

The anti-shock EVA layer protects your feet by reducing impact as you walk, and they're also made of the same natural rubber that you find in running sneakers. You also don't have to worry about wearing these slippers in the winter since the anti-skid traction ensures you don't slip and fall.

The plush lining and waffle knit upper ensure that your feet always stay toasty warm in the cold weather. On top of that, they are machine-washable and made from 100% vegan materials.


  • Machine-washable

  • Great for outdoors and indoors

  • Very comfortable

  • Made from 100% vegan materials

  • Have a sturdy rubber sole


  • Can fall apart quickly

2. ULTRAIDEAS Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

These slippers have everything you would want in the perfect house shoes. They have a non-slip sole, soft wool-like collar, and memory foam that conforms to your feet. In addition to the sturdy sole and memory foam footbed, you also get a fuzzy knitted upper. This upper makes these slippers breathable so you won't have to worry about sweaty feet as you move around the house.


  • Very comfortable

  • Machine-washable

  • Great for relaxing and working around the house

  • Great for the cold weather

  • Breathable


  • The sizes run small

3. WALK•HERO Men's Arch Support Slippers

Our third pick also falls under the best slippers out there. They come with a rubber sole for your comfort and stability as well as moisture-wicking velvet lining, skin-friendly material, fuzzy insoles, and of course, outstanding arch support.

These orthopedic slippers help foot conditions like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and pain on the balls of your feet. The non-slip rubber sole is very durable and allows you to walk on various terrains. The sole is also waterproof, which is a bonus.


  • Waterproof sole

  • Very comfortable

  • Great arch support

  • Helps relieve foot pain


  • Unsuitable for very narrow feet

4. Parlovable Women's Cross Band Slippers

These super comfortable slippers are made of fleece and constructed with rubber soles that offer stability and comfort.

The open-toe design means that you can easily take these slippers on and off. And it also means that you can keep your feet warm without them feeling sweaty. In addition to breathability, these slippers come with a high-density memory foam insole and faux fur upper to ensure your comfort and warmth.

You can wear these slippers on hardwood floors, carpet, or ceramic after a long day of work and stay relaxed and comfortable.


  • Come in 10 colours to choose from

  • Extremely warm and cozy

  • Suitable for any season

  • Great for lounging around the house

  • Very soft

  • Breathable

  • Very stylish open-toe slippers


  • The sizes run small

  • It can be very narrow for people with wide feet

5. Hanes Men's Indoor/Outdoor Slipper

Our next pick is these house slippers that are incredibly comfortable and suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors. If you hate traditional slippers and want something different, these Venetian moccasin slippers will do.

The padded memory foam keeps your feet comfy, and the upper ensures you get the best support. This outdoor shoe makes for the best pair of slippers to wear as you work in your garden or as you fix your car. In addition, the gripped sole ensures you don't fall, no matter the terrain.

The fact that you can wash these cool slippers in the washing machine adds to their appeal.


  • Great for indoors and outdoors

  • Durable rubber soles

  • Easy to wear

  • Made from breathable cotton fabric

  • Secure

  • Good for wide feet


  • Sizes can run too big

6. Vessi Sunday Slippers

Last, but certainly not least are Vessi's Sunday Slippers. The brand is well known for offering a range of 100% waterproof footwear, and the Sunday Slipper is no exception. These slippers are made with the brand's patented Dyma-tex technology which makes them fully waterproof, snowproof, and sand proof. On top of that, they're creature friendly which means they're manufactured without the use of animal byproducts.

The Sunday Slippers are also designed with a sole that offers great traction. Plus, Vessi wanted to create a slipper you could wear both inside the house and outside too. So the next time you're running out to get the mail you don't have to change shoes.

The best feature these shoes offer however is their collapsible heel. Have you ever rushed out the door for a quick errand and instead of properly putting your shoes on you just stepped on the heel instead? So did Vessi's designers. This is why they made the Sunday slipper a slip-on and a proper shoe.


  • Warm and cozy

  • 100% waterproof

  • Outdoor and indoor sole

  • Great traction and grip

  • Collapsible heel


  • Might be too warm for summer weather

What Should You Consider When Selecting the Most Comfortable Slippers?

1. Material

The first thing you should look at is the material they're constructed with. One of the most common options is EVA. EVA slippers are great because of their sturdy nature and softness. If you walk around with your slippers for extended periods of time, this material is for you.

Other qualities to look for in the material you choose include being waterproof and having a non-slip sole, an orthotic footbed, sheepskin lining, boiled wool upper, a wide toe box, and more.

2. Ergonomic Design

So what is an ergonomic design? An ergonomic design has a fitting angle and a slightly upturned toe which will allow you to feel comfortable all day, no matter what you're doing. The benefit of this kind of design is that it promotes pressure balance. This adds to your comfort and reduces any foot pain.

3. Size

It goes without saying that size should be a big factor. Don't assume that your normal shoe size will be similar to your slipper size. To find the right one you can also check the width of the slipper you want to get to determine if it will be the same size as your shoes.

You can always contact customer support or get a larger size if you're unsure. This is especially crucial if you are getting a bootie-style slipper or another slipper that has a closed design.

4. Floor Design

The type of floor you have at home will also determine the type of slipper you should get. You don't want a slipper that will ruin your floors but you also don't want slippers that will make you feel uncomfortable if your floor is hard.

A good rule of thumb is that the harder the floor, the thicker the sole. Of course, if you have carpet on your floors you don't have to worry so much about the thickness of your soles.

5. Arch Support

Why is arch support necessary? Because your arches help carry the weight of your body. Did you know that we're born without arches? They start developing around the age of two after you start walking. This is why proper footwear as we grow up is so important. And, that doesn't change when we grow up.

6. Quality

Your slippers should live a long life after you buy them and stay intact for a long time as they keep your feet warm and cozy. This will be possible only if they are made of high-quality materials. Whether you choose sheepskin slippers or a pair of moccasins, ensure you consider the quality first and foremost.

7. Soles

The soles of your slippers are also important, especially when you're walking on hard floors. In addition to keeping cold feet from happening, you also want slippers that are comfy. A good sole will help with that. Avoid thin soles if you'll be wearing your slippers on hard or rough floors.

Doing this can seriously damage and hurt your feet. This is because of the pressure that will get to your feet. If you are walking on hard surfaces, ensure you choose a sole with a thick sole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slippers

1. Can I wash my slippers?

While you can hand wash almost any type of footwear, not all slippers are machine washable. So, before you toss your dirty slippers into the washing machine first check that you can do so. This will prevent you from ruining them and having to purchase another pair.

Another thing to note is that washing instructions will also depend on the material that your slippers are made of. For example, suede slippers should not be machine-washed or even hand-washed. So if you end up spilling something on them, using a clean and dry cloth to dab off the moisture is the best way to go.

2. How can I clean my faux fur slippers?

For the outside of the slippers check out the section above for tips. If the insides of your shoes are made from faux fur cleaning instructions can be different. Use a clean and damp cloth and add some mild soap to it (a mild washing powder will do too). Then use the soapy cloth to gently rub the interior lining of your slipper until the dirt comes off. You can then use another clean and damp cloth to remove any excess or left-over soap.

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