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puddles on a rainy day

...You could say we’re water lovers. 

We enjoy the rain in all its forms.

Raindrops, puddles, rain clouds, sprinkles, thunderstorms, a torrential downpour. 

Nature therapy is part of our self care routine.

We adore days spent appreciating glacier lakes, rivers, oceans and forest streams.


We don’t dread the rain. 

We miss it every Summer.

We don’t avoid puddles. 

We hunt them.

We gravitate towards beautiful bodies of water.

… so we can dunk our Vessi-wearing feet in them.

Without water, there would be no life, no glacier lakes, and …. no need for Vessi.

When our team started work on a new style, we knew we wanted to build a shoe that takes your outdoor exploration to the next level, while paying tribute to water in all its forms. 

Our latest is a fun new silhouette re-imagining the Vessi Everyday Collection, meant to get you moving and out the door on more nature adventures, no matter the weather… rain, shine, mud or snow - no excuses.

Meet The Everyday Move 

We created the 100% Waterproof Everyday Move with the many forms of water in mind - from the lace cage’s puddle shaped details, to the midsole’s wave-like lines and even down to the ripples of our Vegan rubber tread. 

Yeah… we’re obsessed. 😍

But the water love doesn’t end at our latest style’s aesthetic details. 

As we said earlier, without water, there is no life. 

And there are way too many people living in this world without access to clean drinking water. 

785 million people, in fact. 

That’s 1 in 10 people in the world who don’t have clean water. 

No clean water to drink.

No clean water to wash up. 

And almost a million people are lost each year to preventable diseases caused by contaminated water. 

That’s just completely unacceptable, and we’re determined to make a difference.

On Canada Day this year we provided funding to Water First to help Indigenous youth  train for careers in water science, so they can work in a field bringing clean water to their own communities. 

The launch of the EV Move brings a new opportunity to give back.

Vessi & Charity: Water Partner to Bring Clean Water Around The World

Vessi is working with charity: water to bring clean water to communities in need all over the world

In our search for an amazing organization providing sustainable solutions to the clean water crisis around the world, we found charity: water

We were immediately drawn to the incredible storytelling and visual communication charity:water uses to rally people for the cause. Just watch this video and you will see. 

As we reached out and built our partnership, we learned that unlike other charities, charity:water devotes 100% of public donations to funding clean water projects, like: 

  • Rain Water Harvesting in Guatemala
  • Sanitation & Water Points in Mali
  • Drilled Water Wells in Niger
  • Rain Water Collection Tanks in Kenya
  • BioSand Filters in Cambodia

Charity: Water's BioSand Filters providing Clean Water in Cambodia

Thanks to these donations, charity:water have installed 78,350 water projects all over the world, providing clean water to 13,086,400 people!

In honour of the water that gives us life, the rain that puts out fires and the beautiful bodies of water that restore our spirit, there is no greater way to celebrate the launch of our latest, water-inspired, 100% Waterproof Sneaker style than in support of this amazing cause.

To kickstart the fundraising event, we’re donating $12,000 from the Vessi Community Fund to build a complete BioSand Filter for a community in Cambodia… providing clean water for 700 people!

Providing clean water for one community is an incredible impact… but if we learned something from the last couple years, it’s that when we work together, our ripple effect of good reaches exponentially greater distances. 

With that, we’re so psyched to share that each order of the Everyday Move, allows you to Donate & Save in support of charity:water to bring clean water to vulnerable communities around the world.

How It Works

Model on stairs wearing Vessi's latest 100% waterproof sneaker style, the Everyday Move

It’s simple. When you order, you have the chance to donate $10 to charity:water while also getting $25 off your new Vessi Everyday Moves. 

When you donate, you get your donation back and then some in savings.

It’s a win-win! Support charity:water in providing clean water to vulnerable communities in need… and still get savings on your fresh pair of Vessis. 

This is The Ripple Effect - the spread of positivity we wish to see in the world. 

The Everyday Move is a playful re-imagining of The Everyday Collection, inspired by water in all its forms... meant to get you on more outdoor explorations all year long, no matter the weather. 

Each order comes with a dose of good karma as we support charity:water in providing clean water to communities in need.

We can’t wait to see you in your new Vessi 100% Waterproof Everyday Move Sneakers.

Donate & Save on the EV Move in support of charity: water.

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