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Shoes don’t have to just be a summer affair… With the invention of Vessis, you can now wear sneakers year round. You may be thinking, “how is this possible… won’t my feet freeze and fall off?” – these are valid questions… Keep reading to find out how Vessi tackles winter like no other.


Some of our customers refer to Vessis as ‘sweaters for your feet.’ They’re referring to the knit material that makes them both snug and flexible.

And they contain micro air pockets to help naturally regulate the temperature of your feet – so you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Nothing will warm you up like saving the planet.

Nothing… Not even a fire.

When you buy Vessis, you’re indirectly supporting a great cause.

Our patented manufacturing process lets us cut our carbon footprint by 600%, save 880 gallons of water per pair, and produce virtually zero waste.


Winter is an undeniably tough season for footwear. You’re forced to spend hundreds on boots or risk ruining your favourite sneakers. With Vessi, you get shoes that are guaranteed to make it to spring. And when they do, they’ll look just as fresh as the day you got em!

Rain, sleet, mud, dirt, and snow are all easily repelled thanks to our Dyma-Tex waterproof layer. Salt is a top offender during the snowy season – but you can easily just rinse it off.


Strut around with confidence knowing that you won’t slip if you go for a surprise skate this winter.

Our herringbone grip soles will give you the traction you need to stay grounded. And at only 6.7 ounces per shoe, you’ll notice better agility and stability than your average winter boot.

And on the off chance you do slip, you'll look super cool when you do.


Nothing says Canada like rolling up to a house party and seeing 30 pairs of Blundstones sitting at the front door.

Dare to be different when you shop Vessi.

We made a weather-resistant shoe that looks just as good with jeans as it does with your favorite winter coat. That’s the real Canadian dream right?


"These are even cuter in person and so comfortable (unless you don’t wear them with socks they will leave heal blisters) Yes, they are very expensive, but I feel good contributing to quality that comes from a conscious company that cares about the planet and the animals. I’m grateful for companies like these and because of their high standards, these shoes fit my heart too."

— Amy B.

"OMG! I’ve been following Vessi for years and finally got a pair for my birthday! The product does not disappoint! I love that its lightweight, 100% waterproof, easy to clean and they use vegan materials! I take my Vessis on my adventures because you can never know with the weather and it’s stylish. It’s first adventure was in Hawaii, we got through rain, beaches, sandy hikes, and lava rocks! Ready to buy another pair because why not."

— Thaolinh T.

"I am not one to write reviews... ever. But these shoes impressed me so much I’ve been raving to my family and friends. They are genuinely the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. The waterproof ability is amazing. I love that this brand is vegan as well, as that is a huge concern of mine. I would recommend this shoe to anyone and everyone. If you’re on the fence, just BUY IT!! I promise that you’ll be in love ."

— Alysa

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