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The best shoe, to ensure you have the best day ever.

The best shoe, to ensure you have the best day ever.

We designed a completely waterproof sneaker that doesn't just look good but also makes you feel good, because as anyone will tell you, a good pair of shoes is essential. From the morning commute to your next vacation, it’s the thing you'll use every day. There’s something special about finding that perfect pair and we're here to introduce you to yours. Trust us, your feet will thank you.

Tech Out.

Discover the runner that made puddles popular all around the world.

man walking through a puddle of water with waterproof sneakers
  • 100% Waterproof

    It's not a coating - it's integrated directly into the knit so you won't fear Rain. Snow. Mud. Slush ever again!

  • Breathable

    Our knit lets the sweat and heat escape keeping your feet fresh while keeping the water out. 

  • Lightweight

    Say goodbye to your clunky rain boots. Vessis are so lightweight you'll forget they were there.

  • Creature Free

    All our sneakers are 100% vegan. No creatures in the places where you can see and not in the places where you can't. 

women standing in the rain with an umbrella wearing waterproof sneakers

Explore more. Worry Less.

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100% Waterproof?

Yup - and it's not a coating!

We developed a patented knit material with an integrated layer that allows the sweat and heat escape so your feet can breathe, but still keep all the elements out. Puddles beware! 

How does it work?

With a million tiny holes in the membrane layer, water in vapour form (sweat) and heat can pass through the tiny holes but water molecules are too large to pass. This means the waterproofing will last the lifespan of your shoes... Unless of course you create a larger hole in the material!

What size should I get?

Vessis are designed to give you a sock like fit. After a few wears, the material relaxes and contours to the shape of your foot, giving you a personalized fit! The most important thing to look for is the length of your toes.

Full Size = Pick your exact size. Vessis fit true to size
ex. Size 7 = Size 7ex. Size 8 = Size 8

Half Size = Size up
ex. Size 7.5 = Size 8

Is there a difference between the men and women's sizes?

Vessis are designed for everyone!

Men sizes are 1-2 mm wider than the women's sizes. For ladies looking for a wider fit, we recommend choosing a men's size for a more comfortable fit.

To find your size in Men's, simply go one size down from your usual women's size. For example, a W9 would be a M8!

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