Everyday Classic

Meet your 24/7 sneaker, now even better suited to daily wear with an upgraded sole for more seamless, supportive movement. Your feet will stay happy all-day in any weather with our 100% waterproof knit.

Cityscape Sneakers

Stay light on your feet in these ultra-lightweight kicks inspired by (but not limited to) city life. And when we say lightweight, we mean it.

Weekend Sneakers

Here to make your Mon-Fri feel more like Sat-Sun, these 100% waterproof sneakers make it easy to live your best life every day of the week.

Tech Out.

Discover the runner that made puddles popular all around the world.


    It's not a coating - it's integrated directly into the knit so you won't fear Rain. Snow. Mud. Slush every again!

  • Breathable

    Our knit lets the sweat and heat escape keeping your feet fresh while keeping the water out.

  • Lightweight

    Say goodbye to your clunky rain boots. Vessis are so lightweight you'll forget they were there.

  • All our sneakers are 100% vegan. No creatures in the places where you can see and not in the places where you can't.

Why Waterproof?

Why Waterproof?

Why not? Gumboots are kind of the worst, so we created a sneaker that's every bit as waterproof but 100x more wearable. And no, it's not a coating — it's part of the sneaker's knit. Our patented knit keeps your feet dry from the inside out so you can focus on your day instead of on your feet.


Whether you’re traveling, going to work, or just out walking the dog, Vessi has the perfect comfortable waterproof shoe for every occasion. Replace your unsightly rain boots with a pair of everyday knit sneakers that look amazing, feel great, and still offer complete weather protection for your feet!