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Vessi made the ideal shoe for an active lifestyle.
Shoes that fit an active lifestyle fit the following criteria without being so specialized that you can’t wear them everyday.

What Makes a Great Athletic Shoe?

The Sole

Herringbone grip provides great traction no matter the motion. Pull a fast one on someone on the court, or race someone up the hill!

The Cushion

Our antibacterial cushion layer means you won’t be smelling those sweaty shoes. With this layer, you won’t need to “air out” your athletic shoes on the doorstep overnight.

The Outer Knit

Breathable knit that provides the airflow your little piggies need, while our patented Dyma-tex makes things 100% waterproof for those puddle jumping opportunities.

Vessi’s Athletic Shoe Features

  • 100% Waterproof

    Having waterproof athletic shoes means you don’t have to dread the rain or pack an extra pair of shoes. Keep the game going while your feet stay dry and secure.

  • Breathable

    Feet get warm enough being active; the last thing you need is an outer shell holding all that heat in. Our Vessi athletic shoes have a breathable knit that helps heat escape and keeps your feet feeling fresh through the entire game.

  • Lightweight

    The lightweight features of our Vessi athletic shoes mean you won’t even notice you’re wearing shoes. You can run your fastest, kick your hardest, and jump your highest.

  • Easy On/Off

    Make light work of getting yourself out the door and onto your next adventure. With easy on/off features of our Vessi footwear, you don’t have to worry about lacing them up each time.

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