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The Importance of Getting Outside in the Winter


Man and woman wearing Vessi everyday shoes in the winter

We get it, not everyone loves winter. It’s often gloomy, cloudy, and grey outside, not to mention how cold and wet it can be in certain areas of the world. Many tend to work their schedule in such a way that minimizes outdoor time, possibly limiting it to only the distance to and from your car and whatever errands you have. 

While having fun in the sun gets cut short due to limited daylight hours, it’s still important to get outside every day, for your physical and mental health. Today, we’re breaking down all the reasons why (and how Vessi can make it better)!

Don’t Put Your Vitamin D Needs in Hibernation

Sure, you could take your supplements, but the best way to absorb Vitamin D is by getting outside. Yes, the cold and snow can be unbearable, but so are the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency, fatigue, bone pain, mood changes (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, for one), and muscle weakness, aches, and cramps. Surely a nice winter walk for half an hour a day is worth preventing a Vitamin D deficiency, right? According to this site, studies show that your body needs as little as fifteen minutes, and after that, your body doesn’t use up the extra Vitamin D because it can only process so much sunlight at one time. 15 minutes, people. 

If you’re spending time outside going on walks, don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Cold feet and exposed skin simply add to the discomfort, which ends up causing more people to avoid the outdoors even further during the winter. Dress right with layers and waterproof shoes to give the colder months a fair shot. 

Getting Outside Can Kick You Out of Your Seasonal Slumps

A person wearing Vessi shoes in the snow with a dog sitting next to them

Just how low levels of Vitamin D are often found in people dealing with SAD, a person’s general environment can also contribute, especially after the holidays. Sure, the beginning of winter is fun. It’s filled with twinkling lights, the magical first snow, winter activities, gift-giving, and so on, but once the new year hits, it seems like you only have spring to look forward to. 

From January to the end of winter, however long that ends up being for you, the outside world looks bleak unless you have a cold-weather hobby like a snow sport or photography. Why have we outgrown fun things like snow angels, sledding, building snowpeople, and snowball fights? Exercising, even in such simple forms, causes your brain to release epinephrine (or adrenaline) and norepinephrine, which makes us happy. Coupled with the time in the sun (or natural light if it’s a cloudy day), simple exercise can improve your overall mood. 

Again, if you’re playing or hiking in the cold and wet, make sure you have proper waterproof shoes. No one wants soppy socks. That’s why Vessi created everyday shoes that work for all seasons, climates, and types of weather. 

Need Comfortable Waterproof Shoes? Vessi’s Got You Covered

If one thing is clear, getting outside is crucial for your mental and physical health, regardless of the season or weather. It may be bitter, grey, and slushy outside, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. If you plan to spend more time outside this winter than you have in the past, get the gear that will make it more enjoyable. Wear tech-friendly gloves, keep your skin covered, and wear the right waterproof walking shoes when traveling from point A to point B. This impenetrable combo will ensure protected skin, thereby combatting the cold and wet you encounter during the frigid winter season. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Get outside! 

Check out Vessi's waterproof everyday shoes!

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