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The Best Winter Shoes to Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

The Best Lightweight Winter Shoes to Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

When there is a drop in the temperature outside our body, the body responds by keeping the core warm. Blood vessels, feet, and hands constrict to limit circulation to the center of the body. Reduced blood flow makes the hands and toes colder than usual. During winter, the cold at our feet bites even more if they are not adequately insulated. Getting proper insulation means getting warm winter shoes that will keep your feet warm while preventing soaking. Suitable footwear will protect your feet from the elements and have a good grip on the snow or wet sidewalks, preventing any accidents that might be a result of a slippery surface. Let us look at the best winter shoes that will give you style, warmth, and comfort while delivering optimum performance.

Winter Shoes

1. Vessi Waterproof Everyday Footwear



Vessi Footwear is one of the most revolutionary shoes in the fashion in the clothing industry. Each shoe has been made with unrivalled technology, and you can use the boots for any season without any radical changes in efficiency through the seasons. A good shoe should make walking feel as natural and comfortable as possible whenever you wear it. The options available in the market for winter or rainy seasons are heavy and bulky and are generally made of materials that are not sustainable to the environment. However, weight no longer has to be an issue because Vessi has that covered. The shoes have a breathable knit technology, keeping the feet fresh while preventing any water molecules from seeping into the shoes during rain or snow. A pair of Vessi shoes can withstand water puddles and mud while keeping your feet as dry as they were when you put the boots on.

Vessi shoes are everyday shoes, regardless of the season. They are not only meant to protect your feet from the weather elements but any situation involving fluids. Coffee spillage or slush will not get their way into the inside of the shoes. You can party away without worrying about your feet. Playing in the rain is once again made possible because vulnerable parts of your body, your feet, are protected. The shoes are breathable and will let out any sweat from your feet, keeping away bacteria that might cause your feet to smell regardless of the day's activities. Vessi has been made with 100% vegan material. No animals in the process of making the shoes, unlike the millions of shoes and boots made of leather or animal fur. The best thing about Vessi is that they are lightweight. Their knit technology makes the price very affordable. The eco-friendly shoes can come in both men's and women's styles.


  • The shoes are top-rated and have a patented knit technology that makes them waterproof without leather.
  • The prices are affordable given their technology.
  • Vessi shoes are 100% vegan.
  • The shoes are very classy and look fashionable for daily use in the workplace, casual meetups, and hangouts.
  • The shoes are breathable, reducing the risk of getting bacterial infections in your feet.
  • The shoes will keep your feet warm in all seasons.
  • Vessi shoes are lightweight, and you will forget they are on your fee. Walking will finally feel like it is supposed to.
  • The shoe sole is bouncy and ultralight and has a herringbone grip which will keep you grounded when walking on wet surfaces.
  • The shoes are cheap compared to other brands.
  • The shoe brand comes in different styles to fit different situations, widening your options as a buyer.


  • Vessi shoes only protect the feet up to the ankle level, unlike winter boots, leaving the rest of the leg exposed to cold and the elements.


2. Sorel Winter Boots

Women - https://www.amazon.com/Sorel-1003812-Womens-Caribou/dp/B000EMW80E

Men - https://www.amazon.com/SOREL-Mens-Caribou-Winter-Snow/dp/B000BQKCTW

Sorel snow boots feature a waterproof design with removable inner boots for comfort, protection, and warmth during the winter season. Our legs are the most vulnerable, and Sorel winter shoes have them covered. One can agree Sorel's widely imitated style is a sign to prove that the winter boots are perfect and well thought out. The outer leather build will keep your feet warm and dry even during a downpour. Dry and warm toes are essential to your health during wet and cold seasons because they are the most vulnerable when temperatures plunge. Sorel shoes are 100% leather and synthetic, making them water-resistant while maintaining their beautiful and sturdy look on both men's and women's feet.

Sorel winter boots have a 1-inch heel for women and a 0.5-inch platform for men on the sole, keeping the shoes above water level on any average wet day. The boots are made of a rubber sole, ensuring you won't slip when walking on a damp surface. The winter shoes are comfortable as they have a 10-inch and 9-inch shaft for men and women, respectively, covering the ankles and significantly reducing heat loss from the feat. The Sorel brand boots have a seam-sealed waterproof build keeping the feet dry in deep winter. Sorel brands ship to almost any country, and you can buy the winter shoes on an online shop like Amazon Inc.


  • The Sorel footwear is available for both men and women.
  • The winter boots have a high shaft which ensures the feet are warm when temperatures change from warm to cold.
  • The shoes have a leather and synthetic finish making them waterproof and keeping the feet well insulated and dry.
  • The winter shoes are available for every foot size.
  • You can buy the winter boots from any online shop and ship them to almost any country.
  • The boots have friendly prices and are highly rated in online reviews.
  • The shoes have a beautiful and efficient design that has inspired other brands not related to Sorel.
  • The boots have a rubber sole which gives them an excellent grip on wet surfaces, ensuring you won't slip when walking.


  • Each winter boot weighs about 0.9Kg and could be a bit heavy, mainly when used as a hiking boot.
  • The winter shoes are not suited for hiking.


3. Northside Icicle Waterproof Snow Boots

Unisex - https://www.amazon.com/Northside-Icicle-Winter-Unisex-Toddler/dp/B006WW5FAA

The Northside Icicle winter shoes are the go-to brand for the active family who want to have fun thoroughly but safely. The winter boots make fun easier to achieve because of their lightweight and deeply treaded synthetic soul, giving the shoes a good grip on the snow. Northside winter boots have a reflective strip at the back of the shoes for even a more enhanced safety in the reflective snow. The boots are insulated using Thermolite, which provides lightweight, sustainable warmth to the shoes. The winter boots have a Berber lining that keeps the feet and toes warm and comfortable. The shoes are waterproof, and every time you wear them, you are guaranteed dry and warm feet. The winter shoes have an outsole that ensures good shock absorption and good abrasion resistance in snow.


  • The pair of shoes come in different colors, making them fun to wear as a family.
  • The winter shoes are the best for going out into snow because of their waterproof feature, warmth, and shaft size.
  • The winter boots are not very heavy and can be used comfortably without tiring.
  • Unlike other brands, Northside has a reflective strip that is a safety measure during snow days.
  • The winter boots are lined with Thermolite, which ensures maximum warmth and comfort.
  • The shoes have a deep thread that you can use for hiking.
  • Each foot can fit into a boot because the shoes come in different sizes.
  • The shoes have an affordable price


  • The winter boots have very deep treads, which could pack snow, making the shoes quite heavy.


4. Vessi Cityscape Waterproof Shoes



Cities have many microclimates, and the weather can always change at any time, and the price you have to pay determines which weather will dominate the other. Vessi Cityscape waterproof shoes are ideal to own when living in a town setting. The cityscape styles under the Vessi brand are the lightest shoes Vessi has ever made so far and are our point of focus. Any city setting has a different challenge from one person to the other. However, Vessi cityscape shoes have made it possible to adapt in the high urban area. The shoes are very light and encourage localized movements due to their weight, which is a fraction of their boot counterparts. The winter shoes are ideal for people who work on their feet every day. The shoes are minimal and bring a sense of style while going about the errands of the day with confidence and determination.


  • Unlike winter boots, the Cityscape brand is suited for a more efficient workflow throughout the day without worrying about bulk and weight while getting the best experience out of them.
  • The winter shoes are very comfortable and are suited for moving through the city, with the last thing in your mind being soaked toes.
  • Vessi have a technology that keeps water out from entering the shoes while at the same time keeping the feet fresh at all times.
  • The shoes are smaller in size and look very fashionable, widening the instances in which the shoes would be appropriate.
  • Unlike most winter boots, the shoes are made of 100% eco-friendly technology.


  • Unlike winter boots, the shoes do not cover past the ankle, exposing a good leg area to the elements of weather.
  • The Cityscape shoes would not be very suited for a snowy day because they will not protect the legs from extreme temperatures.


5. Columbia Snow Boots

Men - https://www.amazon.com/Columbia-Bugaboot-Black-Bright-Regular/dp/B0787GLP38

Women - https://www.amazon.com/Columbia-Womens-Maiden-Snow-Black/dp/B00GW97Y5M

Columbia is definitely one of the best brands when it comes to shoes meant for the winter season. The Columbia winter shoes are 100% weather and textile with an internal thermal reflective lining to manage heat during an outdoor activity. Men's Columbia winter boots have been built to be waterproof with a seam-sealed construction in a shell that is injection molded. Insulation of 200grams will keep your foot warm and dry inside the boot. The female boots have a Techlite lightweight midsole for long-lasting comfort with a grip advanced traction rubber for slip-free movement.


  • The winter boots are waterproof and made up of 100% leather.
  • Columbia winter boots have a grip advanced traction rubber sole to prevent slipping during movement.
  • The winter boots have a shaft that will keep your feet warm and dry during very low temperatures.
  • The shoes have a relatively affordable price.
  • Columbia products can ship to any country.


  • You can wear winter shoes for hiking.
  • The shoes are made out of 100% leather which needs a lot of maintenance.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Winter Boots

Factors to Consider Before Buying Winter Boots

Winter shoes, unlike other shoes, have the complex task of keeping you safe, mobile, and warm. Let us look at a few things to consider before buying winter boots.

a) Upper Material

The upper material is crucial because it will handle the harshest conditions. The fabric needs to be strong to ensure a great deal of insulation and waterproofing. The material needs to be durable and lightweight to make movement more efficient.

b) Height of the Boot Shaft

The height of the shaft will protect your ankles from freezing temperatures during winter. A good shaft should be well insulated for maximum protection from frostbite.

c) Rubber Sole

Winter brings with it cold and wet surfaces. Lack of good grip on the sole can cause slippage and accidents that could be costly. Rubber soles ensure that the grip is enough to see you safely through your walks.

d) Sole Height and Treads

Very high soles are good to keep the upper material from getting into contact with water unnecessarily. The treads ensure an even more improved grip on the surface. Very deep treads will hold snow in them, significantly increasing their weight.

e) Price

Look for the best offer within your price range. There are many options in online stores and any shop around you. Be sure to check the product reviews to end up with the product you desire.

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