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Care Packages For Essential Workers

Hannah, Ontario 

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Hannah and I am a homeschooled 13-year old in Markham, Ontario. Although I am not affected much by Covid, I hear of others who are and of those who are risking their lives for my community. My main hobby is making handcrafted cards, and that's how I've fundraised in the past.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project

I want to give back to my community by making care packages for those who are serving us.

Each care package will include hand wipes, a hand sanitizer, treats, and a handmade card. I hope to give them to those who are under-appreciated, like the garbage collector or delivery carrier.

I also want to inspire others to do the same by telling them about my project and providing a handmade card for each care package they make as well. Smaller packages will go to individuals and larger packages to community stations like the fire station or the police station.

Recipients include anyone who serves our community, but especially those whom people normally don't think about. Examples are police officers, firefighters, or garbage collectors. 

Who and what inspired you?
My mom, her friend, as well as my hobby and love for helping others. My mom started a mask drive for nursing homes, and I also wanted to be part of it. When I heard about how her friend was making care packages for the elderly and lonely, I decided I wanted to do something similar! I love being able to combine my love for crafting and for helping others. I will get the care packages to workers while social distancing (e. g. leaving the package in a bag beside the garbage and just telling them from the door that it's for them) 

Your message to the community
No matter how young you are, the smallest act that you make can have a great impact!

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