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The Only Shoe You'll Need All Year Round

100% Waterproof

Our patented upper knit is both fully waterproof and breathable. This technology will last the lifespan of your shoe. It's not a coating!


Stay dry and comfortable with every step you take. Vessi's ultra-lightweight Vzero midsoles will leave you feeling like you're walking on clouds all day long.


Vessi's are the world's lightest fully waterproof shoes. At only 6.0 ounce, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds.


Our Flash Knit technology will allow your feet to breathe, reduce sweat and odour build up all while keeping your feet completely dry in any situation.


Wear me sockless, Vessi's are equipped with antibacterial insoles to keep you cozy all day long. 


Our mantra at Vessi is style and practicality. Look good, feel good. All of our Vessi’s are 100% vegan and designed for you to take on the world.

Easy to clean

Vessi's are super easy to clean. Simply hose it down and you're good to go!

Dynamic Stretch

Vessi's dynamic stretch expands and hugs your feet, making you feel like you’re wearing a cozy pair of socks.