Product FAQ Weekend

Product FAQ

How do The Weekend Sneakers compared to other Vessis?

The Weekend Sneakers have a slightly more relaxed fit compared to our previous Vessis which fit like a snug sock! They feel more sturdy with slightly less compression. 

    What is the sole made of?

    The sole is made of a combination of EVA and rubber! The EVA makes the Weekend Sneaker lighter than comparable styles. The full length rubber makes the Weekend Sneaker our most slip resistant shoe, and they are non-marking so you can wear them at gymnasiums or on a boat.


    Is the knit different from previous Vessis?

    We are introducing an all new knit with the Weekend Sneakers. Meet our Engineered Zone Knit! Different parts of the foot have different requirements when wearing a shoe. Our Engineered Zone Knit features two zones of knit structures - areas that require more elasticity and breathability have a more relaxed knit while areas that need extra support have a more structured knit!

    Breathable and adaptable with lots of support - you get the best of both worlds.

      Does The Weekend Sneaker have good arch support?

      We’re introducing special new Vessi insoles for the Weekend Sneaker. They are 
      molded for improved comfort, shock absorption, rebound properties and support so you can comfortably wear them all day! They are also removable so those that require extra arch support can use their custom orthotics without needing to size up!

        Is it slip resistant?

        Yup! The Weekend Sneaker features a full length rubber outsole for more grip, and new triangular tread pattern for more traction. The Weekend is now officially Vessi’s most slip resistant shoe!

          I’m a half size, what should I wear?

          If you are most commonly a 9 and 9.5, size down to a 9. If you are most often a 9.5 and 10, size up to 10! Your previous Vessi size is also a great indication of which size you should order.

            Are they machine washable?

            YES! This is one of our most exciting new features. Your Weekend Sneakers are machine washable. Make sure to remove the insoles first and wash them in cold water under a gentle cycle! Do not place them in the dryer - you can air dry over night, away from direct heat.