We live in Vancouver, also known as “rain city” because it rains an average of 150 days a year.

It seemed absurd to us that in a city with so much rain, the only options were to wear boots year-round, or chance destroying your favourite runners.

Our goal was to make a shoe that was not only waterproof, but also breathable and stylish.

Since our inception, we’ve sold one million pairs of Vessis.


When we started in 2017, we quickly realized that to make a shoe that ticked all of our boxes, we had to design our own material.

And so “Dyma-Tex” was born—a proprietary knit blend with millions of tiny pores that allow sweat vapours to escape, while simultaneously blocking out larger water molecules (rain).

There’s no chemical spray involved so you can sleep soundly knowing that the waterproofing won’t ever wear off—it’s literally built into the shoe.


It’s common in the footwear industry to use large amounts of water, energy, and excess material—we set out to do the opposite. Since developing our patented shoe manufacturing process, we’re now able to save 880 gallons of water per pair and produce nearly 0% waste.

Most people think of us as a shoe company, but we think of ourselves as a tech company that makes shoes. We’re constantly innovating on new and sustainable ways to keep you dry and comfortable.


Designed for the city, the outdoors, and everywhere in between.

Vessis are a hybrid shoe—combining the best features from running shoes and technical hiking boots. They’re ultra lightweight (only 6.7oz per shoe) and the knit material hugs your foot like a long lost friend.

Our patented Dyma-Tex material has micro air pockets that help naturally regulate the temperature of your feet—keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Instead of owning a different pair of shoes for every activity and season, Vessi is the (metaphorical) one-size-fits-all solution.


As long-time friends and business partners, we couldn’t just sit around and watch our loved ones have their favourite shoes destroyed by the elements. So we put our brains together to create a solution, and called it Vessi—which literally means “water” in Finnish.

Andy has a strong background in textiles, and his family has been involved in the weatherproofing industry for a number of years. Mikaella and Tony are serial entrepreneurs who run several eCommerce businesses together.

After seeing early success in our Kickstarter campaign and popup sale, we knew we had to take this passion project all the way. We’re proud to have created a shoe that provides unparalleled comfort, keeps your feet dry, and elevates your style.


"These are even cuter in person and so comfortable (unless you don’t wear them with socks they will leave heal blisters) Yes, they are very expensive, but I feel good contributing to quality that comes from a conscious company that cares about the planet and the animals. I’m grateful for companies like these and because of their high standards, these shoes fit my heart too."

— Amy B.

"OMG! I’ve been following Vessi for years and finally got a pair for my birthday! The product does not disappoint! I love that its lightweight, 100% waterproof, easy to clean and they use vegan materials! I take my Vessis on my adventures because you can never know with the weather and it’s stylish. It’s first adventure was in Hawaii, we got through rain, beaches, sandy hikes, and lava rocks! Ready to buy another pair because why not."

— Thaolinh T.

"I am not one to write reviews... ever. But these shoes impressed me so much I’ve been raving to my family and friends. They are genuinely the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. The waterproof ability is amazing. I love that this brand is vegan as well, as that is a huge concern of mine. I would recommend this shoe to anyone and everyone. If you’re on the fence, just BUY IT!! I promise that you’ll be in love ."

— Alysa

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