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Vessi's Vegan Cookbook: Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so we put together a list of the most mouth-watering Vegan recipes we can find to keep your dinner table colourful and healthy on your holiday meals.

Vessi is proudly vegan and 100% creature-free, using no animal products in the making of our shoes. We're also vegan food connoisseurs, if we may say so ourselves.

Here are our favourite turkey-free recipes to try this season.

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Medley

This recipe from The Simple Veganista features tender roasted squash stuffed with wild rice, mushrooms, spinach, red bell pepper and white beans for a delicious and colourful autumn inspired meal. We love meals that are both delicious and dress up the table - this one does both.

Vegan Wellington

Don't let the fancy name and memories of Gordon Ramsay fool you - Karissa's Vegan Kitchen's vegan version of Beef Wellington is surprisingly easy to make while also being nut-free and vegan. All it takes is sauteeing vegetables and wrapping it all up in store bought puff pastry and you have an awe-inspiring entree dish for your holiday table.

Mushroom Stuffing

This recipe by Inspired Taste is loaded with fresh mushrooms, onions, sage, and thyme this homemade mushroom stuffing is deeply flavourful and absolutely delicious. The stuffing is savoury and soft in the middle, and perfectly crisp on top. It is naturally vegan and best of all, you can make it in advance. We love a convenient dish.

Vegan Gravy

But what's stuffing without a ton of gravy? Thankfully, Ela Kitchen has us covered with this rich, hearty and flavourful mushroom gravy that will have you reaching for more and more.

Apple Pie Bites

These bite sized pies by Well Vegan are super easy to make and share with mini muffin tins and wonton wrappers and taste like a cinnamonny hug in your mouth.

Pumpkin Pie Bars with Almond Cookie Crust

Choosing Chia's pumpkin pie bars with almond cookie crust are so much faster and easy to make than pumpkin pies, and make the perfect little bite-size treats to serve up for Thanksgiving dinner. Because they're vegan, gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, refined-sugar free, these bars are perfect for anyone following a diet.

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