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Supporting NYC Soup Kitchen and Women's Shelter

Steven, New York


Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm Steven, a lifelong resident of NYC. I miss rock climbing, eating out, and of course exploring the world in my Vessis!

But I've been keeping my friend groups together by holding virtual presentation parties, where people give 3-minute Powerpoint talks on whatever they're passionate about!

I call it SLIM SLIDES: Steven Li Improves Morale with Slides and Laughs Involving Deeply Eclectic Subjects.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
My partner and I support an organization called CHiPS, a soup kitchen and women's shelter in NYC that prepares super healthy meals for anyone in need. $100 would normally go toward providing three weeks of meals, but since the kitchen is closed, that money would instead help their Pop-Up stop where they collect and distribute hundreds of meals every day.

Who inspired you?

Local community members who are down on their luck, possibly displaced, and who need food now more than ever. With 1 in 3 NYC food pantries shut down, we should support whatever efforts are still active.

I learned about this organization through Eat for Equity, a movement of hosting dinners in your home to raise money for good causes. The first I went to supported CHiPS, and next year we would go on to host one in our own apartment. We fit over thirty people inside who came to eat our homemade food!

Food security has been on my mind, and I want to help out any way I can.

Your message to the community:
I'm grateful for this chance to give back. Please stay safe!

Say hi to Steven!

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