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Supporting Iron North Studio

Jenna, Ottawa


Tell us a little about yourself

I am an emergency room nurse at an Ottawa trauma hospital. I go to work everyday ready for anything. This whole global situation has been humbling and has really solidified why I do what I do. I love my work and I am astonished to see the outpouring of support that my community has shown me.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project
As a nurse I experience stress on a daily basis. A huge place of solace and stress relief has been a local gym here in Ottawa. It is owned by the most wonderful woman (another Jenna!) who is working so hard to survive this trying time as it is a small business. I would love to be able to donate this money to Iron North Studio to pay back their amazing support. I cherish my local businesses and community. I want to see them on the other side of this pandemic.

Who or what inspired you?

Jenna Ladd, Owner of Iron North Studio (a wonderful community driven local Ottawa business and fiercely awesome person)

I’m inspired by all the love and support that has been shown to myself and my colleagues as front line workers.

I so appreciate the opportunity to give back to such an important local business within my community. This is a difficult time for everyone and whatever I can do I want to try and do.

Your message to the community
Even with the hard times that this pandemic has brought, it has been beautiful to see the support and love shown within my local community as well as throughout the world.

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Monthly Songs #Rain
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  2. Umbrella

  3. Coming Clean
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