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Supporting Community Church & School

Danelle, California 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a registered nurse who enjoys the outdoors and photography! 

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

I want to support my church, St. Francis De Sales Church in Riverside CA. It’s an older church with a school and there is a small amount of funding left and because of this pandemic my church isn’t getting many donations currently.

I don’t want to see the school close so I want to use the donation money to help them pay bills and do repairs.

Who inspired you?

I want to help my church, the school children and teachers. I was inspired to help my church because being they has given me hope during this difficult time and I want to give back in a time of need.

I just hope I can help in any way I can because I don’t want to see it close down due to lack of funding.

Your message to the community:
I can’t wait to spread some good to my church that helps our community!

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Monthly Songs #Rain
  1. Singing in the rain
    Jean Kelly

  2. Umbrella

  3. Coming Clean
    Hilary Duff

  4. Raining Men
    The Weather Girls

  5. Set fire to the rain

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