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Providing Pet Food For Those In Need

Sabrina, Ontario 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a dog mom who’s been laid off from my IT job due to Covid-19. I just adopted a rescue dog totalling my dog head count to 3 but they are keeping me busy and sane during the current situation. I’ve also been watching a lot of documentaries and getting new certifications to enter the IT market again!

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

I work with a lot of animal welfare projects but one is especially dear to my heart - Miss Dixies Food And Supply Bank For Rescues! We partner with stores and manufacturers to give us deals on pet food which we then give to the community. First we give to any registered rescue and then the general population. Because of COVID people have been dumping their animals at alarming rates because they can no longer afford them.

We bridge this gap. We also work with the food bank in town to help people get food for their pets in times of need. Everything is completely free to the rescues and animal parents! We serve dogs, cats, small animals, birds , reptiles, pigs, horses, we’ve seen it all ! I’d really like to use this money to ramp up pick ups and deliveries.

Many of the worst affected pet owners are seniors and the disabled, we use our personal vehicles to drive out the food and deliver. We are non profit 100% volunteer project!

Who inspired your project and how do you feel this will impact your community?
All the animals in need in my community and the people who care for them. We MUST try and help reduce the number of dumped animals due to Covid-19. It would make a world of difference for both the animals and the people. These are people’s family members.

Your message to the community:
Our pets are a big of a part of our family, if you need help with their food, please reach out to someone. There’s always someone there to help you! We want to keep pets bellies full so you never have to surrender your best friend because of hard times. From all of us at Miss Dixies we love you, and give your pets a nose boop for us! 

Say hi to Sabrina!

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