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Healthy Juice For Frontline Workers

Jimmy, Vancouver 

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! I’m a high school teacher in Vancouver. I mostly teach PE, business, and help students find work experience placements in our local community. Right now we are continuing to support our students from home. I am having fun making 60 second active challenges for them to stay fit and well. I’ve also led the 7pm cheer for my block w/ my drum everyday.

Recently I have been thinking about all the frontline essential service workers that don't get as much recognition as our health care workers or first responders especially those that are getting paid minimum wage. There are so many but ones that come to mind are grocery store clerks, fast food workers, community kitchen staff, food processing plant staff etc.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I would love to support financially a few local juice companies by purchasing their immune boosting antioxidant rich cold pressed juices while also supporting minimum wage frontline workers by boosting their morale and immune system. 2 in 1 double whammy community support!

Who inspired you?
Local small juice businesses and minimum wage frontline workers. A mutual friend was doing similar thing supporting her friends juice business by getting her friends to purchase juice/smoothies to show appreciation for healthcare frontline workers. 

Your message to the community:
Continue to support local small businesses that are trying to stay open and their awesome employees. They are continuing to put themselves at risk to provide essential services for us. 

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