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Funding 3D Printed Face Shields

Alex, California


Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a Radiology Manager in a 170 bed hospital. I've experience many small community driven projects from donation of PPE, 3D printing of face shields, or sharing of food. It is truly inspiring and brings a great warmth to my heart seeing people come together in this time of chaos.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project
I would like to donate all the great couple @cordinatedcubed for providing 3D printed face shields for mine and surrounding hospitals for free.

They have been 3D printing for 24/7 and these funds would help provide them with the materials needed to continue or even perhaps strengthen this effort.

The face shields come out to about $4 each and they have been using their own funds to help fuel this effort.

Who/ What inspired you?
All the surrounding hospitals in the Southern California area that are in need of face shields.

All the coordinated efforts of small companies on Instagram to help healthcare workers. 

Your message to the community
Thank you to Vessi and all the other community driven efforts dedicated to help healthcare workers in this time of need! Love you all!

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