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Coffee for Colleagues

Andra, Ontario


Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Andra and I am an ICU nurse at Toronto's SickKids hospital. I dedicate most of my time at the hospital.

My little patients mean the world to me and are the reason why I push myself so hard during these times. I like painting, puzzles, bike rides and smiles on my patients faces as they leave the hospital.

The pandemic has affected us all to some degree, but the strain it has placed on the healthcare sector is tremendous. Ever since the pandemic, I have seen our shifts become tighter, visitors become more anxious but worst of all the growing fear in the eyes of my patients.

I however, continue to push forth during these times alongside my colleagues, as we serve as our nations vanguard against this virus.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
As a frontline healthcare provider, I am well aware of the difficulties faced by healthcare workers during this time. While we may be lauded as heroes on the surface, deep down we sacrifice a lot in order to take care of our patients and ameliorate the concerns of their loved ones.

As the threat of the pandemic grows, our shifts have become more hectic and has placed a heavy burden on us both physically and mentally. For my colleagues working the nightshift, sharing a cup of coffee between breaks is what gets us through the night. But with the pandemic, several of our usual spots such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons have shortened their timings and closed their cafes overnight, which has left us tired, frustrated and spent. 

With a $100, I will be able to get my colleagues at the hospital a round of coffee every night for a week. This would increase their morale, and most importantly would let them understand that their sacrifice is acknowledged by the community as a whole.

Who inspired your project and what impact would you like to make?
My fellow healthcare providers, colleagues and patients at SickKids Hospital inspire me everyday. 

Your message to the community:
Thank you to all the amazing healthcare providers working on the front lines!

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