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Care Packages for Seniors in Nursing Homes

Lydia, Ontario


Tell us a little about yourself!

I work in the research department at a hospital. I love discovering new things, like neighbourhoods, parks, restaurants, and shops. I enjoy music, attending arts events, such as the One Of A Kind Show, and attending festivals. I also like to travel, whether it's within Ontario or internationally.

This pandemic, although negative, has been beneficial to me by giving me a time of rest from the usual hustle and bustle. I've been able to bake more and catch up on my reading. I've had much more time to spend with my family and doing activities with them while staying home. I love my family, but we usually don't get this much time to spend together. I'm extremely thankful for them during this time.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

I want to provide care packages for seniors, especially those in nursing homes. Seniors are a vulnerable population as it is, and COVID-19 further puts them at risk. It has not only affected them physically, but emotionally as well. Due to the pandemic, visitors are not allowed in nursing homes. However, these visits make a huge difference to seniors, so preventing visitors may lead to social isolation for these seniors.

In addition, there's a lot of discouraging news being communicated. So, I would like to create some care packages to give out to these seniors, to let them know that we are constantly still thinking about them and that they are loved.

In these care packages, I would like to include: hand-sewn face masks, small bottle of sanitizer, small plant, a variety of activities (eg. puzzle, book, sudoku, knitting/crochet, word search, etc.), and an encouragement card to let them know we care about them.

The contents of the packages will be purchased by me and disinfected. I will carefully put it together into a cellophane bag, wearing a mask and gloves just in case.

When delivering it, I will contact the seniors home ahead of time. Delivery will be contactless, where I can leave a box of these care packages at the door for staff to distribute. If funding permits, I can also do this for the seniors in the neighbourhood. I will instead leave it at the door, or in the mailbox. We have been overlooking seniors and their needs, and I hope that through this, we can bring them a glimmer of hope and love in this difficult time.

What inspired your project and what impact would you like to make?

I am hoping to make an impact on seniors who could use some cheering up. I was inspired by the events going on around me, especially upon reading articles for social isolation in nursing homes.

My great grandmother had been living in a nursing home before she passed away. She loved our visits. Now, I imagine how she would feel if she were still alive, living in a nursing home during COVID-19. How terrible each day must feel with a lack of access to loved ones or a lack of distractions, as activities in nursing homes have also been cancelled.

When I think of her, and how she would probably need encouragement at this time, I was inspired to create these packages. I have a nursing home in mind that could be the first nursing home that I try this with. 

Your message to the community:
A small act or conversation from you can make a huge difference in someone else's life. Take the time today to do so! :)

Say hi to Lydia!

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