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Care Packages For Moms and Moms To Be

Priyanka, British Columbia

Tell us a little about yourself

I work at a homeless shelter and as a victim service worker for the RCMP. Unfortunately, I am currently not working as I have to stay home to care for my baby. I am part of a huge moms group in our community but we can no longer see each other in person or organize playdates anymore. We are all feeling isolated.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project
I know how important connection to other moms was when I became a first time mom. I would like to deliver care packages to pregnant women and new moms in my community who are feeling isolated due to COVID-19. I would include some baby items as well as self care items for moms.

Who/ What inspired you?
I would like to help pregnant women and new moms feel more connected to other moms in their community.

By reaching out with a kind gesture of a care package I hope to let them know we moms are sticking to help each other out in any way we can while social distancing of course.

I have a friend who is currently pregnant and was having a hard time. So a few of her other mom friends and I put together a care package for her and she absolutely loved it. She was so touched that she was in tears.

This made me think about all the new moms and pregnant women who may not have as big of a friend group who may feel isolated at this time. This mom to mom connection would mean so much to them!

Everyone is struggling with mental health at this time so imaging adding a bunch of hormonal changes at this time and just imaging the struggle some pregnant and new moms are going through right now. 

Your message to the community
“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” - Mahatma Ghandi

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